Thursday, February 11, 2016's gonna be big

i know it's like......mid february, and everyone already did their "new years goals" and "new years posts" and such but..i'm of the story, things get done at a slower rate around here. 

i thought about writing a post for my goals for 2016, and i even looked at the questionnaire i did last year for 2015 (interesting to read back and see what i actually did didn't do...oops). and then i thought about 2016...and all the changes that will be taking place....and i decided i'm not really a "yearly goal" type of gal. my goals have to be a little more immediate than that so i can focus on it clearly. so 2016, i'm just gonna power through you!!!

but before we do that, lets look at 2015. 2015, you were a good year. as i initially think back, it was a pretty normal, mediocre year.  

grant got his helmet off (remember those helmet days??? i almost forget about them)
i turned a quarter of a century old!!
grant turned ONE!
grant and i quit nursing (waaaah)
grant and i went to priest lake without norman (waaaaah)
we got a little surprise and found out i was pregnant at priest lake without norman (waaaaaaaaaaaah)
norman finished his last summer ("spring semester" in byui terms) semester at byui! (only two more semesters to go at this point)
went on an OUTRAGEOUSLY long and fun and exciting and exhausting 3 week road trip through 22 states with my parents
my sister got re-married to a fabulous man who we all love!
we found out that our little surprise baby was a GIRL!! :)
ended the year spending lots of time with family over the holidays!

and the rest of the time all i can remember is just...being pregnant. haha. that's usually how that goes right??

and actually...looking at it was more than just a mediocre year! it was pretty event-filled! but 2016...i gonna be a big one.

a: we are adding a BABY GIRL to the family. always a huge event for a year.
b: norman is GRADUATING!!!!!!! best sentence ever.
c: norman will be getting a job (fingers crossed)! an actual CAREER kind of job. doesn't that make us sound so grown up? does.
d: we will be moving to wherever said job is...
e: norman will most likely be starting his masters program!

i mean, those five things alone are enough to make an exciting i right??? i have a love/hate relationship with change and moving on to different stages in life. a big part of me craves the new adventure and gets restless doing the same old things. but another part of me loves the routine and the people, places, things i've come to know and care about. as much as i have wanted to be out of the "married college life" world, i know there are things i will miss. being poor married college students/family isn't all that bad. we are happy. living simple is quite nice. but in the same breath i am excited for the new adventure and the new stage in our marriage and family.

so, lets bring on this year of 2016!

happy late new year, errbody!

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