Saturday, October 27, 2012

since we last spoke...

i've been up to a couple things since we last chatted.

my brother from another mother, Jason Matson {a close family friend} returned home from his mission. we're really excited to have him back.

we had a halloween party with our church last night and i did 2 of my nieces hair and makeup for it {and if you're wondering why one has toilet paper hangin out her mouth it was cause she had just lost a tooth}. then last minute i decided to dress up myself as an egyptian...don't worry...showed up and my sister and i were the only adults dressed up.....awk...ward. {it's only the cool adults that dress up, right??....RIGHT?}

i've also been browsing on ksl for puppies. for fun. found the cutest daschund in the world on there and wanted him so bad. oh, and by the way.... while getting out of the truck in my weirdy egyptian dress, this rather large man was walking by with a little american bulldog puppy. i ran halfway down the side my long egyptian dress stop him so i could pet the puppy....
yes, i did that...he may or may not have thought i was a complete lunatic.

and last but not least my dear mother in law has been canning salsa!! my absolute favorite....and i've been eating it like it's my job.

oh!  and i'm headed to a dinner party with friends tonight! gonna be a lot of fun!

happy halloween!


  1. Please please please by that dachshund! Swoon! And I laughed just thinking about you running down the street eqptian style :) you are awkward and I love you :)

  2. Seriously by? I meant BUY. Bedtime. Now!

    1. oh my gosh i know right?? i want that little dachsy so so bad. i don't know what has come over me, i HATE little dogs! what i am i doing? :)

      but yes, awkward i am, and thanks for the love. :)

  3. Okay, your face in that egyptian costume picture is killing me, so classic, you are a dork. And that is why I really really like you.

    1. haha linds, i love that you love that i'm a dork. that's why we are besties. :) miss you!