Friday, May 11, 2018

pepper kelsey: 4 months

4 months of pepper! it's been oh so good. she's kind of the best.

so lets get to it.

sleep: so...she WAS sleeping through the night every night. somewhere in-between 3 months and 4 months she started waking up sometimes at night. which isn't terrible. and if i'm being honest, i just feed her and put her back to bed. my middle of the night self can't handle the screaming it out method. i can only do that when my mind is not in sleep mode. and it's been fine. she still has nights that she sleeps through the night,'s whatever to me. i remember with grant i tried to get him to sleep through the night when he was nursing and it just didn't work, he didn't end up sleeping through the night til i was done, and that was fine. and now he sleeps like a champ. so, i'm not too worried about it. 

eat: nursing still! i attempt to nurse my children for a year and so far so good. i feel really blessed to be able to do that, and i'm just keepin on the same track with pepper so far. she eats every 3-4 hours? ish? i don't even know. i just kind of feed her when i think she's hungry and it's been a while. i know a lot of people are really into sleep and eating schedules and such and i just don't got time for that. it's fine if you do! my personality just isn't into being super strict about it. the more kids you have the more you're like.... meh... it'll work out. and guess what??? it has. :) 
she has become kind of interested in food as of late! most of my kids weren't really interested in or noticed food til about 6 months when we started introducing solids. but our little chubby pepper has started to notice when we are eating. so maybe solids will be in her future sooner than our other two.

milestones: nothing real milestone-y in the last month. she's starting to find her voice more and talk a lot. she still rolls over (as you can see in the consecutive pics above), we haven't really practiced sitting up, to be honest i can't remember when they start doing all that. haha. but she's always been really strong with her neck control. we just had her 4 month appointment at shots yesterday!! ahhh! so sad. but here are her stats...

 weight: 15 lbs 5 oz                          percentile: 77th
length: 24 inches                             percentile: 57th 
head circumference: 16.75 inches    percentile: 94th

things i want to remember:
she likes to grunt at her daddy. that's how they communicate.
she smiles at everyone! loves people. gonna be like her sister.
when i'm changing her bum and holding her legs up with one hand, she will sit and try to grab my wedding ring on my hand or just examine whatever on my hand that's in front of her... it's pretty cute.
she's pretty content! still never took a binki but is consoled easily and is generally so happy
she loves her siblings. smiles at grant and brecken constantly. it'll be so exciting to see their dynamic as she gets bigger and interacts more.
her nickname from her grandpa reece is peppy-long-piggy's cause she's got some loooong toes. :)

happy 4 months pepper k.!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

pepper kelsey: 3 months

our little miss pepper is 3 months old and in such a fun stage! i do..i love the newborn stage... kinda. i love the snuggles and how they smell and how small they's so so great. but sooooo much work, too. i feel like lately she's transitioned into being a little more easy going and happy and it's been so great!

sleep: she is still sleeping like a gem. she has still been sleeping through the night. lately she goes to sleep for the night anywhere between 8:30-10 ish and has been waking up around 4:30-5 but then i feed her and she goes right back to sleep til whenever the rest of the kiddos wake her up (around 8:30 usually). it's been super nice. she's still pretty much a cat napper during the day. rarely takes a nap longer than an hour-ish. but if she's sleeping at night i'm all good....ya know? 

eat: i honestly still just feed her whenever i feel like she's hungry. i'm not terribly worried about a schedule but she seems to eat every 3 ish hours or so. she has become a better nurser, too, which is nice! she was the WORST for a long time. never stayed latched... leaked milk EVERYWHERE... swallowed so much air... which then gave her tummy pains.. it was a process. but now she's eating just fine! it's been fabulous.

milestones: she can roll over! we don't do a ton of tummy time over here (my bad) ... but on march 23rd she rolled over from tummy to back multiple times... no big deal. she's also starting to get more and more upper body control. and she is so smiley! she's starting to try and talk and laugh even and we love listening to her figure it out!

things i want to remember:
she still loooooves her mama :) which i love.
she always smiles and tries to talk when i sing to her (mostly the greatest showman..i mean come on... it's so good)
she is a happy baby! for the most part. but when she gets mad... she gets MAAAAD. and i find it kind of funny. 
her eyes make the cutest little shape when she cries and then she blinks all cute when she has tears in her eyes, like they're bugging her. 

basically everything about her is the best. we love our pepper!

Friday, March 23, 2018

pepper kelsey: 2 months

so i did take these pictures when pepper was 2 months old (on the 9th), but i'm JUST getting around to writing about her sooooooo that's dumb. so our sweet little pepper is almost 3 months as of right now but i'll try to just talk about the things she was at 2 months!

eating: she is still kind of the worst nurser. not the WORST nurser...but the worst nurser of my three children by FAR. i've probably already said this but it's just a constant latch, unlatch, latch, unlatch....etc... and i have a pretty fast flow so you can imagine there is just milk EVERYWHERE after we are done. we are both soaked. so. that's been fun. but i'm still very grateful to be nursing and she's still the cutest so, i forgive her. she's been eating every 3 ish hours lately. 

sleeping: sleep has been good!!! when she was 2 months old she had been sleeping through the night for about a week, maybe a little more! (and she still is... i have all the hallelujah hands going on over here). what's perfect about it is, i didn't even have to try for it! she just started doing it on her own. so that's awesome. she doesn't nap super great in the day though... the longest in the day is maybe an hour... she cat naps in the day and then sleeps hard at night. i'll take it.

milestones: she started smiling regularly! i love it when they start to smile. she is a good mix of brecken and grant... brecken smiled at EVERYONE and grant scowled at EVERYONE...she scowls and smiles so, good balance there. :) she hasn't rolled over yet, but that's probably my bad cause we don't do a lot of tummy time. she has great head and neck control and kind of always has! so i am really bad at making her chill on her tummy just to roll over. and if i'm being honest...i'm savoring this time where she's still completely immobile. 

things i want to remember:  
she loooooooves her mama. like....loooooves. probably more than any of my other kiddos did at this age. i don't know if it's cause right after she was born everyone in our family got sick so for like a week solid i was the only one who could hold her??? but she doesn't just like me for nursing (like my other two.....*eye roll emoji*) ...she wants me just to hold her. comfort her. it's sweet.
she haaaates going to sleep at night. screams...just screams until she finally falls asleep and then sleeps all night so...that's funny and weird and kinda cute. hopefully that's not a foreshadow of what we have to look forward to in the future.
still won't take a binki...i give up!
we haven't tried a bottle yet....she probably won't take that either....whatevs.

so she had her 2 month appointment and i had the sheet with all her percentiles on it and such and i LOST IT! that's what happens when you're living kind of in a mess in your mothers house while you house hunt. ugh. but i do remember she was 12 lbs and in the 70th percentiles for height and weight! so she's coming down a little bit from the 90th percentile. 
(if i ever find that paper i'll come back and update this for my own sake)

anyway! that's miss pepper at 2 months and basically 3 months, too. :)
(i found her sheet!!! stats below...)

 weight: 12 lbs                               percentile: 73rd
length: 22.5 inches                        percentile: 57tt
head circumference: 15.3 inches    percentile: 75th