Wednesday, October 8, 2014


plagiocephaly: aka, flat head syndrome.

my dear boy suffers from "plagiocephaly" {i feel like any time you have some kind of something that has a big name like "plagiocephaly" you have to say you "suffer from it" just sounds i right?} anyway...he has a crooked head. the first picture is of looking down on his head from the top. you can see the left back corner is waaaay flat, causing his head to be misshaped. we met with a plastic surgeon from primary childrens that we were referred to. he comes up to Idaho Falls every couple weeks, he came to see if grant's head was severe enough to get a helmet. 

he basically took a 10 second look at him and started writing a prescription for the helmet. UGH! i knew this was coming...but it's such a pain! he said it would be 3 months and we would see where we were at from there. he then sent us over to rocky mountain artificial limb and brace to meet with the doctor who would fit him for his helmet. we met with him, he took some measurements and again reaffirmed that he would need a helmet. so we sent up an appointment for a casting.

this brings us to the next pictures. luckily this is how they do castings now. a lot less messy. they put a little sock thing on his head...put some stickers where his ears, nose, and some other things are on his head, and take 45 degree angle pictures which then scans them onto the computer to generate a 3D diagram of his head. it was pretty cool. and i thought he looked so cute with his little squishy cheeks in his little head sock.

we have about a week until the helmet comes in and then we go in for a fitting. should be interesting!! any who...that's about what has been going on around here. helmets and volleyball. the season is a few weeks from being over and i'm so sad! it's been so fun!

hope everyone is having a happy hump day! and can you believe it's already october???? what???? life just goes by way too fast.

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