Tuesday, September 30, 2014

feelin like a zombie.....

i was going to do a "taking stock" blog post today, but guys, i am toooooooo dang tired to be thinking about all my thoughts and feelings right now. this is going to be one of those totally mommy posts that probably only moms will understand but ho-ly cow. this little one right here....the one pictured as cute and innocent above??? not so innocent...{he's still pretty cute, though}.

 i've been so busy with volleyball lately that i haven't really had a second to blog. but let me go on a little rant here for a second...this boy...was sleeping JUST fine. i mean he was still having his occasional bad nights of waking up at 3, but we were dealing with it... and then all the sudden...last week....he decided he was done. he didn't want to put himself to sleep anymore...he didn't want to sleep longer than 1 1/2-2 hours anymore. guys. i'm DYING! i need my sleep!! and believe me..i've tried it all. all the different "methods". all these methods USED to work. and now they don't?? i mean he did just turn 6 months and i don't know if it's like a growth spurt thing? i don't know. last night was a TINY bit better...he woke up every 3 ish hours instead of 1 or 2. so that was helpful. but STILL. he used to sleep at least a solid 7 hours!! sooooo that's been fun. oh...and nap time has been about the same. he used to just go right to sleep when i laid him down. now...it's the cry it out method for him. i've tried the whole go in and comfort but don't pick him up thing...yeah...he just gets more mad that i'm in there and NOT picking him up. so...to sum it up..it's been a bit of nightmare. i am welcome to any new advice.

yes, i do a routine before bed
yes, i lay him down "drowsy but awake"
yes, i watch for cues that he's tired before he gets "over tired"
yes, as mentioned i've tried the go in and comfort without picking up
yes, i've tried sitting in a chair where he can see me {this sometimes works}
yes, i've done the cry it out thing {although not in the middle of the night cause guys...my patience...is thin...and i have neighbors}
no, he doesn't take a binky to save his soul
he basically hates all normal soothing techniques besides singing primary songs
yes, i've tried putting music in his room

i don't know if he's just a social butterfly?? and wants to be where everyone else is?? i don't know. i literally feel like nothing is working. i'm hoping this is just a phase.

anyway...sorry for my rant. but all i can think about these days is SLEEEEEEP!

on another note. we're working on the whole solids thing. we tried egg yolk today and he wasn't having that. he just got warmed up to oatmeal cereal...so maybe we'll just stick with that for now. gosh, he sure is cute, but MAN...go to sleep child!!!

so...how are you all doing? :)

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  1. Lets have someone watch all of our children and just have a girls night. And when I say girls night I mean a sleep over...and when I say sleep over I mean literally sleep...for hours and hours. Haha. Keep up the good work Morg. Hang in there. I'm right there with ya.