Saturday, September 20, 2014

GC: 6 months

half of a year. grant is HALF OF A YEAR OLD TODAY!!! what the...
they are 100% not kidding when they say it goes fast. and i'm just like every other gushy mom that gets all sad as my baby gets older. although, i won't lie...each stage is more and more fun. as we start to see his little personality come out we just fall more and more in love with him every day.

but FIRST!! the stats...

grant had his 6 month appointment a little early on the 8th.

weight: 17lb 15 oz      percentile: 67%
height: 27"                 percentile: 78%
head circ.: 17 1/4"     percentile: 74%

so all in all...pretty straight across the board.

however...his head....his poor head. his pediatrician checked it, again, because he has quite the flat spot on his left back side. and despite our efforts of keeping him off his back unless he was sleeping, it didn't seem to improve. so his doctor referred us to a plastics guy from primary children's that comes to idaho falls every few weeks to check on these sorts of things. so we made the appointment for yesterday to see if he needed the dreaded helmet.

so i went yesterday and without more than a couple seconds look at his head the plastics doc prescribed grant a helmet. UGH!! 3 months he has to wear it 22-24 hours a day. THREE MONTHS!!! we go in on thursday to get his head measured for it. player for halloween it is. but it'll be good. i would rather him get it fixed than have a lopsided hey arnold head the rest of his life. and it'll be kinda cute, right?? RIGHT?? :)

some milestones for grant this past month:

he finally rolled over!! yes! on august 29th! it was quite the day. we have been waiting for him to roll for FOREVER. and he did it. of course every time he did it, i wasn't watching...of course. and now he won't really do it anymore. i've seen him do it once, but when i put him on his tummy he just kinda scoots around in circles to get or see what he wants. so..whatever. he does sit up for a long time by himself, now. he still tries to throw himself back though, so...that helmet will come in handy i think. ;)

he is still breastfed but we also started giving him some solids. we started with rice cereal and he hated it....gagged every time. it was hilarious. so we tried the oatmeal and he liked that a lot more. it still took a couple times but at least he swallows it now! we will start on some veggies soon!!

the sleep sitch is not good.....we screwed him all up with all our traveling and now he does NOT sleep good at night anymore. longest stretch is 4-5 hours. but it's usually every 2-3. i have some tricks up my sleeve that we're gonna try, though. hopefully it works...wish us luck! although...even though he he wakes up a lot, i do love snuggling him in bed after nursing. he is very snuggly. 

some things to remember:
he laughs and gets goofy/hyper when he's tired {not always...obviously}
he LOVES his mama. which i love.
he also thinks his dad is really funny. which i also love.
he talks a LOT {more like scream-talks}. but not around people he doesn't know well.
he's very observant and when meeting new people just stays quiet and watches.
he will go to anyone. isn't too picky about who's holding him.
he's starting to LEAN!!! we tried it the other day, and he leaned to me but not to norman. :) {he leaned to him later, though...such a tease}.
he still loves being sung to when he's mad.

being a mom is seriously the best.job.ever.

happy half-birthday, G!
{here's to the next half of your life wearing a helmet....ugh}


  1. That helmet hahah at least you are finding the positives. A football player will be good :) We love that little Grant!

  2. 6 months already!? Gosh he is so cute!