Monday, March 18, 2013

idaho falls

so some of you may or may not know this, but norman and i are moving to idaho falls.

isu sucks.
is an understatement.

they have a lot of administration problems and a lot of the teachers are foreign and are hard to understand. and when you're learning things as hard as engineering gotta be able to understand your professor. 

i have absolutely no complaints about my program. isu's cosmetology program has been fabulous to me. but they're also under the "tech" school. it's kind of separate. anywho...long story short...norman needed a change in schooling because we have slowly come to realize that isu is not a good fit for him.

i attended byu-idaho for 2 years and absolutely loved it. and i knew he would, too. so through some inspiration we decided to apply to byu-idaho. we probably would've gone there a long time ago but they didn't have the civil engineering program yet...and when we looked into it again...they had it. good news for us! so he applied and we found out in february that he was accepted and is set to start in the fall!

we couldn't be more thrilled.
we're going to live in idaho falls so i can get a job easier {p.s. if any of you people out there know of any fabulous salons or something where i could find employment, when that time comes, it would be greatly appreciated} and norman can commute to rexburg {it's only 20 minutes...we timed it}.

so that will be a fun little change. it's not very drastic...but i'm sure that'll come after norman graduates and we have to move to some crazy city on the east coast or something ;) but it'll be fun for now and it will be so fun to live in a little apartment with just me and my best friend again. i've definitely missed that. as much as i love my sister and her four kids...i miss my alone time with my boo. he's so fun :)

so anywho...just wanted to give you a little update! now on to apartment searches and finding jobs! YAY!

p.s. i take boards in a month.......AHHHH!! i'm so ready.

if town here we come!

p.p.s. we leave for tennessee this saturday for spring break to see my parents!! sooooo beyond excited!


  1. I thought you were leaving Friday?? :)

    1. Oh right....we are leaving Friday....haha. I don't know why I said that.

  2. Good luck on finding apartments, dearie! :)