Sunday, March 17, 2013

lashes and london

i'm really excited my friends. because we are learning minky's eyelashes, remember? and i thought i was gonna hate it. cause usually, small tedious things like that don't intrigue me all that much. but i knew i would do it anyway because it can make some decent money. but the reason i'm excited is cause i absolutely love it. and i have no idea why. but it is so fun and challenging to me. i'm still in the midst of my training. we had to learn on our partner, then we have to do 5 models and then we have to have someone to do our test on. so i guess 7 total. tomorrow will be my #3 and i can already feel myself getting better which is so exciting!

so here was my first time doing it on my friend, ali:

then my first official model was my cousin, tayva:

second, my sister, katie:

isn't it great? no mascara. you have no idea how long mascara takes up a part of your day until you don't have to do it anymore :) so nice. thanks everyone so far for letting me practice on you!

now on to the maybe not so fun stuff. so as you know, my sister and her 4 girls live with my husband and i. well, last sunday my sister and i were talking about how we have noticed that her daughter, london, had been going to the bathroom a lot lately and was constantly thirsty. 
so we decided to call our sister, who is diabetic, to bring her tester down to our place to check her blood. just to rule it out.
well... we didn't rule it out... her blood sugar was extremely high.
 long story short, we took her to the E.R. and turns out...she's a type 1 diabetic.
our family has always known it's a possibility to get it because my dad and sister have it, and my cousin on my moms side has it as well. all type 1.
so london and my sister stayed in the hospital a few days to learn how her body reacted to insulin and what they needed to do to keep her blood sugar where it needs to be.
luckily, having a sister and dad who have type 1 diabetes, we are somewhat familiar with it and have good references if we have questions.

london has been so tough through the whole thing and is such a sweet girl. all the nurses and doctors loved her.  and we love her so so much.

here are some hospital pics for ya:

{this was shortly after we arrived at the hospital}

{different londy faces during her stay}
{my sister, london, and i hangin out at the hospital}

london is so loved and got so many visitors and gifts during her short stay at the hospital. she is a special little girl and although it completely sucks to get type 1 diabetes at 4 years old... she's so tough and i know will be so strong. 

love you londy pie!

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  1. Oh wow so glad you guys were able to test for it and get her properly diagnosed.