Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Puerto Rico Continued.....

So this could quite possibly be the longest blog post of ALL time...so prep yourself people: LOTS of pictures though!
So on Tuesday, we went to this place called Las Paylas in the Rainforest in Puerto Rico. My sister and her family had never been either and had found out it had these natural rock slides there.
It turned out being SOOO much fun. The following are pictures from that day:
{this is Norman, me and my niece, London, on the trail down to the slide}

{these are some of the "locals" going down on their feet, showin us what's up...no idea how they keep balance}

{My niece London getting ready to.....}

{yes....pee...this is how we do it in the wilderness people...}

{here's London not so happy after her dad took her down the pretty rough rock slide}

{Norman, Me, and my sister, Kelsey all going down together}

{laughing at the bottom because we had some issues at the top trying to get prepared....couldn't stop laughing}



{this is at the smaller rock slide that was a little ways down from the big one, the current is pretty strong and the rocks are slippery, so we were having some troubles crawling out, this one is of my mom}

{my mom and I}

{Norman going off a rope swing we found}

{i just jumped off the side of the cliff, cause i'm kinda not so coordinated when it comes to rope swings}

{mom geting ready to go down the mini rock slide}

{Dan, brother in law, about to slide down the waterfall, which ended up being not such a great idea....}

{Norm and I headed to check out the little cove where the waterfall was}


4 our of the 6 adults that went got a little banged up:

{i went down the little slide on my stomach...bad idea....and ripped up my hip pretty good}

{my mom slipped while climbing up to the top of the slide and we think broke her toe...}

{Kelsey also slipped while climbing up...it was dangerous...and bruised her arm...although you can't see it here...she had a good ol' monkey bump which grew into a massive bruise the next day...}

{and...Dan...who went off the waterfall previously mentioned and bruised his heel...ouch}

The following day we relaxed and spent a couple hours at the beach, got a little burnt, and snorkeled some more. Sorry....i don't have any pictures from that because they're on my phone and my phone currently doesn't email down here in the caribbean.

And TODAY we went to visit Old San Juan

{Norman and London}

{here's a statue they have of Christopher Columbus who founded Puerto Rico}

The following are some pictures looking down some of the streets in Old San Juan, i was obsessed with them because they were so cute to me. Original cobblestone streets and cute apartments up top.

{my dad holding london, my mom holding rian, kelsey holding quinn, and norman holding jenna}

{we were eating lunch at a little cafe and above us was this cute apartment decorated for Chirstmas!}

{this is the church J.Lo and Mark Antony was married in}

We then made our way up to the forts. These are old remains of the forts the Spaniards built to defend themselves from other countries such as the British trying to settle the island.

The following are different pictures of the forts, they were really neat. I LOVE old stuff that's been here for years :) These were built in the 1500's.

{Norman and Jenna in one of the lookout points}

{London....pondering :) }

{inside one of the forts}

{Castillo San Cristobal}

{El Morro}

{coastline from El Morro to Castillo San Cristobal}

{this is part of the fort and the Governor's house is the blue building}

{Norm and I in front of some cool statue :) }

{this was a little cobblestone road with trees all lit up for Chirstmas...this was our last little stroll before we headed back to the vehicles}

SO that was our adventures from the last few days. It's been so fun here and I am so blessed to have such great family. What an amazing way to spend Thanksgiving week. With the people I love seeing a BEAUTIFUL part of the world :)


  1. Looks like fun!! I was thinking (when I was looking at other pictures of you guys going down the slides) that those looked really painful ha

  2. The forts look like they were really cool to visit! Glad you are all having a good time!

  3. actually, going down the slides didn't hurt....we all got hurt doing other things, kelsey and moms were from climbing up the rocks to get to the top of the slide, dan's was from the waterfall, and mine was from the mini slide.....going down on my stomach which was my own stupid fault. haha. if you find your groove, it doesn't hurt. :) haha. and ray...the forts are WAY cool. i loved it!

  4. looks like a blast morg! jealous! miss you!