Friday, November 25, 2011

Puerto Rico Finale.......

So I know I've been back from Puerto Rico for like 2 weeks now, but I'm just finally getting the time to post the rest of our trip. it goes:

first up: on Wednesday Kelsey took me, my mom, Jenna, and Norman to the El Yunque Rainforest. There is a water fall that you can swim under and we wanted to go see it and of course...swim!

{this is Norman, Me, Kelsey, and Jenna in front of a little waterfall we saw on our way up}

On the way up, we also found this old tower that we decided to climb. :)

{Kelsey at the top of the tower laughin at Norman and I struggling trying to take a picture}

{Norm and Me at the top of the tower with the ocean and rainforst in the background}

We then finally got to the trail that heads into where the waterfall is and went on our way.

We saw some beautiful things on our way there, also saw one not so beautiful thing.

{Norman pretending to eat this dead, ripped up by something nasty bird that we found on this post...yummo}

{Norman, Jenna, and my mom walkin down the trail}

We finally arrived at the beautiful waterfall:

{Kelsey, Norman, and I forging our way into the waterfall}

{Norm and I about to join Kelsey who is already under the waterfall}

{Norman, Me, and Kelsey trying to see and laughing uncontrollably under the waterfall}

{we swam out to talk for a bit before going back was a lot of work to get in there}

{all of us after...about to leave}

The following day was none other than....thanksgiving!Us ladies stayed home and slaved away in the kitchen while the boys went to the ward Turkey Bowl and then afterwards had a little dip in the ocean to cool off. Definitely different than the Turkey Bowls in Idaho. :)

{my mom making potatoes n rolls n such}

{my dad relaxin}

{Kelsey making her dough for her fabulous pies she made. Apple and Cherry. SOOO good}

{London helped me make my favorite thing about Thanksgiving...DEVILED EGGS!}

{all of us ready to dad is taking the picture}

{London and Jenna at the little kid table}

The food!

After we all ate, we took a nap and then I went outside and took a couple quick family pictures of Kelsey and Dan.

The following day was Norman and mine's last day in Puerto Rico. We all decided to go to this beach that was CLEAR across the other island. Took us about a 2 hour drive to get there, but we wanted to go to this beach because it was a good surfing beach and we all wanted to try to surf.

{We have just arrived. Jenna and London playing in the back of the truck, I'm holding Rian and my mom is getting stuff ready}

And this is what we were looking at :) ...


{London and Jenna sittin on the back of the truck}

{dad, mom and London chillin on the beach}

{London wanting to go in the water with cute}

The boys went out and tried surfing first, so Kelsey and I of course...took pictures. But don't worry, when Kelsey and I went out, no one got pictures of us :) We did try though and it is SOOOO hard. Just so ya know.

{Dan and Norman in the water, Kelsey and I taking pictures}

Back on the beach...were my sweet neices

{Quinn Gracie Riley}

{Rian Palmer Riley}


It was such a beautiful day and such a great ending to our trip! We had so much fun and it is truly a beautiful island.

When we got home from the beach my sister, my mom, and I went to Breaking Dawn at the Plaza las Americas. It's a huge mall down there.

The movie was actually a lot better than I expected it to be and it was really fun night out with the girlies!

{here we all are in front of this huge tree in the mall...we all look pretty gross cause we just hopped in the shower then left right after to catch the movie}

We had a fabulous time in Puerto Rico and miss all of them already. It was definitely a thanksgiving to remember! I'm so grateful fro great family that are also my friends that i get to share such special times with. I love them all so much and I loved spending time with them doing new things in a place that is so indescribably beautiful. Thanks for the memories :)


  1. We miss you guys like crazy already too! We had so much fun with you guys down here and did some pretty fun things. I mean who really gets to jump off a catamaran into the Caribbean ocean to later get stung by a tiny jelly fish! ha ha! It's crazy and so beautiful! Loved every second of it!

  2. It really was a great time and Dad and I are so glad that we got to share it with all of you! I agree....A Thanksgiving to Remember!!!