Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY wood headboard

so this has been a long time comin. cause we did this back in july i think? but i wanted to put on this here blog how AWESOME norm and i are. we totally made a headboard. it was really fun working on a project together. and it turned out really good.

so i originally found the idea for this from this pinterest post here.

however, this girl nailed her boards to the wall. i didn't like that.
first of all, we're in an apartment and can't really do that.
second, what if i wanted to change my furniture around in my room?

so we kind of just made up how to make it into an actual headboard that attached to our bed frame. it was super easy.

first we decided how big we wanted the headboard to be. i liked the height on the girls that i got the idea from. we both had queen sized beds. so i decided to make mine about 5 feet wide and about 6 feet tall.

things you'll need:

            *wood {we ended up using 1x6x6 of common wood and had Home Depot cut it               down to 5 feet long for the actual headboard, then we used two 2x4's that were 8ft long and we had Home Depot cut it down to 6ft long for the base of our headboard}
            *flat head screws
            *something to stain the wood with
            *wood stain {we used minwax stain in special walnut}

1: we measured the holes in our bed frame where our old headboard connected at the bottom.

2. we held the 2x4's up to the bed frame and marked where the screws will go when we put it on our bed.

3. lay the 2x4's on a surface and start attaching the headboard pieces. we used 2 screws on each side per board to attach them to the 2x4's.

4. it really is as simple as that. now all we really needed to do was stain it.

5. last step....attach to your bed :)

i still want to put something on it like a banner or some lights or something. haven't decided yet. and i'm using a couple throw pillows from our couch cause i haven't gotten any of those yet either.... but for's just hangin out. but lookin good :)

i really didn't do a very good job at explaining this, and it's kind of a figure it out as you go kind of thing....that's what we did anyway. good thing norman and his mom are like fix it felix's so they basically know how to do everything even if they haven't done it before. :)

so if you have any questions go ahead and ask!

oh....and this whole project only cost us a total of $49.57!
however, we had a lot of the tools already.
but go borrow your neighbors drill and sander! no big deal :)

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