Wednesday, September 18, 2013

13.5 weeks

so i've conquered the first trimester, friends.
and it was hard.
still is, actually.
i really don't feel a WHOLE ton better.
i feel semi better.
like i don't throw up AS much...but i still throw up.
i don't feel AS tired...but i'm pretty much always tired.
i still hate like all food.
besides this macaroni salad i've been eating for every meal for a week and a half. {thanks grandpa...couldn't have done it without you}.
my tummy seems to be in a stall pattern. which i'm fine with. hasn't really gotten bigger...that i have noticed anyway.
haven't gained much weight.
lost some....and now i'm kinda back to where i started.
i'm still in that "you just look fat" stage.
my mom tried to convince me it was starting to look like a pregnant tummy....i didn't buy it.
which is fine with me....

i pretty much look like the picture above
top bun. {because i never blow dry my hair and this is the only way to disguise it's mess}.
sweats {unless i'm working}.
and either leftover makeup, or barely some mascara and maybe some cover up to semi hide the nice patch of zits that have been hangin out on my left side of my chin for a solid 5 ish weeks now.
{is that just the hormones? or the fact that i never wash my face anymore.....hmmm}.

i look at some other women who are pregnant and they're all done up cute and have their hair did and their full face on and i'm like dude.....there's no way.
i don't know how they manage. 
i would definitely rather sleep.
all the time.

so yeah....that's how i'm feelin right about now.
and you know...i'm gonna try hard to enjoy this. cause you know what they say...there's lots of women who never could carry children and who never will, so be grateful.
and i am grateful.
but being grateful doesn't mean i have to be chipper.

happy hump day.


  1. most real pregnancy post i've ever read. love you morg. you are gonna make the cutest, best dressed little ever! can't wait to meet HIM. :)