Tuesday, September 17, 2013

the puzzle guy

so i have to share a little story from my trip to tennesee in march. because for some strange reason it made me feel really good. like that little warm fuzzy feeling.

so while we were there in march we visited the stones river battleground.
it's a civil war battleground where one of the bloodiest battles of the civil war took place. we were with my dad so of course we had to go into the visitors center where all the details of it are. which i don't mind doing. plus, it was funny cause the lady that greeted us saw my dad's missionary tag that said "Elder Rhoades" and she said "well, elder, over here is .....{continued to tell us where and what things were" it was funny cause she addressed him as "elder" as though it were his first name. made me giggle. so that alone was worth it.

at the end of our little tour was the gift shop. now, i don't know if you know this....i don't even know if SHE knows this....but my mother is a gift shop JUNKIE! she loves pointless souiveners. i have grown to hate them. i like to get things that are useful. and above all people i love a good t-shirt but i'm just gonna admit right now that i have boxes and boxes {not exaggerating} of old t shirts i refuse to get rid of but never wear because of sentimental value.
so i can't afford to be adding to the stash.

so while my mom and sister were perusing the gift shop....i found this stones river battleground ranger guy doing a puzzle. i really enjoy puzzles. so i decided to help him out.
we were really getting into it. and i lost track of my family.
i briefly remember them telling me they were leaving me cause i was taking too long....

well i look up and they're gone....so of course i put a few more pieces in for the ranger and then said bye to the kind old man, thanking him for letting me help.

vvv{my mom snagged the pictures of us below...deep in concentration}vvv

guys, i know you're thinking this is a pretty lame story so far...but it gets a tiny bit better. not a whole ton...but a little :)

so months later.....yes....MONTHS PEOPLE...like 4 months or so???....my mom takes my OTHER sister that was visiting to the same place so she can see the historical site.

well...my friend...the puzzle ranger is still working there. he sees my mom and says:

"hey, aren't you the one that had the girl with you that helped me with my puzzle?"

my mom says:

"yeah, that was my daughter"

puzzle ranger:

"tell her thank you! she really helped me out a lot!"

now friends.....is that not the cutest????? i died when my mom called me and told me that. cause it was seriously....a long time ago. i mean who remembers some random girl who helped him with a few pieces of his puzzle 4 or more months ago? NO ONE! i won't lie i  felt pretty special about it.

still do. :)

i love nice people.
so thanks ranger puzzle stones river battleground guy for making me feel special.

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