Monday, September 16, 2013

Beau or Bow?

since being pregnant i've often gotten the question:
"so do you have any intuition as to what you're having?"

well..i think i'm having a human child...i hope.

how do you moms "just know" what you're having? i feel nothing in relation to gender. at all. i've had a couple dreams..but nothing earth shattering where i wake up thinking "it's a boy/girl....i know it!"
i just don't get it.

but i have decided for now i'm having a boy.....

is that a mothers intuition you ask?
no, not at all. i don't think i really have that when it comes to figuring out the gender of my baby. i'll have to wait for the science to tell me that one. thanks ultrasounds. :)

i keep telling norman to put his hand on my tummy....then i count to 3...and i ask him what is it...boy or girl?
he always says boy...but....that's obvious.

so a few reasons i've decided i'm having a boy...
number one being this adorable little outfit i found at target.
{no i didn't buy it}.

i about died though. so cute.

second reason is this:
in all reality i'm probably having a little baby girl. they say it's a 50/50 chance, but when you have a family of all sisters....and all those sisters have girls {10 to be exact} and there are NO's probably more like a 90/10 chance for the Rhoades girls.

and you know, when i think about the thought of it being a girl i get really giddy. i've always wanted my oldest to be a girl. my little helper when she grows up. my friend.
at the same time .... i do want a boy. break the mold. and if i have boys like my husband...i would be in heaven. {mostly}

so...since it's gonna be a girl.... i told norman until we find out what it's a boy. cause it can be a boy til it's a girl in a few weeks when we go in for our ultrasound :)

then the real fun for girl clothes. :) you think this little sweater and bowtie thing is cute? you should look at target's baby girl clothes. SWOON!!!

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