Wednesday, September 11, 2013

i'm never late.....

small disclaimer before reading...this may contain some tmi for some of you...for's no big deal...but just in case your one that gets weird when talking about "girl stuff" then i wouldn't suggest reading...but for me...this was pretty special...and you know what..girl stuff is just part of life so get over it and read on. :)

It was the beginning of march and my birth control ran out...and not because my niece had eaten the whole package this time {yes...she's done that....twice}. i had forgotten to go get my refill. i quickly decided i wasn't going to go get more. we had already decided to start "trying" in may and i wanted to track my cycle for a few months after birth control to make sure i was still regular anyway, so...perfect timing.

before taking birth control my cycle was pretty regular. besides in high school when i was playing sports constantly...i've always been an "every 28 days" kind of gal.

and after taking birth control it wasn't any different. very convenient when trying to make a baby.

so anywho... july rolls around we had already tried and failed for the month of june. and of course i'm freaking out. all my sisters AND my mom are all fertile myrtle's. if any of them think about having children they're pregnant. so of course after one month of trying and no success i automatically think i'm infertile. {i'm a little dramatic sometimes}.

well july rolls around and my pessimistic self is just expecting my period to come this month, too. well...i was supposed to start on sunday. well...sunday rolls around and hopes weren't super high. 

so monday comes and i remember the whole day very clearly. i was wearing my ellen in a bun with my jean shorts and salt waters. well... i don't start all day....and i just knew it...i had to take a test. it was driving me crazy. norman wanted to wait a couple days...but i knew. i am NEVER late. i'm sometimes a few days early....but NEVER late. so something was up....
so i awkwardly go to walmart and buy a test...with some gum....cause that's awkward to just buy the test...and i made sure the checkout lady saw my wedding ring...i didn't want no one thinkin this was some illegitimate child.

norman was at work and at the time we were traveling back and forth to poky still. so we waited til he got off and we drove back to idaho falls. then i had accidentally peed earlier when i shouldn't have...i wasn't thinking about it. and so i didn't have to go so we watched bachelorette {home town dates}...and waited for my bladder to refill. 

so we went in the bathroom....i did the deed as norman stood over me repeating/stressing directions:

"you're supposed to point it down stream!"
"you only pee on it for 5 seconds!"

so i set it aside and finish my business. norm says: "it says it takes 2-10 minutes"

well i kept peeking over at it to see if anything was happening. and seconds later that second vertical line starts showing up.......

"norm......norm!'s happening!"
"no it's not...."
"yes it is....!"

we both start smiling and i peek again to see that it has fully shown up as "pregnant"

so as i'm getting a little teary my dear husband says.....

what are we gonna do?" confused, says:



"well...are we gonna keep it?.....are we gonna tell our parents? what are we gonna do?"

HA....real funny norm.
{actually it was quite funny...that boy of mine is pretty fun}

then i stood up and we hugged....i cried with a million emotions flooding through me as he tenderly held me. i was scared. i was weirded out that there was a human in me. but we were both so excited. it felt so surreal. we were so so very happy.

that was July 15, 2013. a day i won't forget. the day we became three.
love you baby reece.


  1. Exciting!! We found out we are having a boy on July 15th! Good day :)