Tuesday, September 10, 2013

my parents are home!

so....did i mention my parents are home from their mission?
they got home last monday.
we are all very excited. 
they weren't supposed to come home 'til January but, my dad had open heart surgery while on his mission and has been recovering and they decided he would best fully recover while at home.
which was fine with me! i've missed those guys, dangit!

here's them driving up...

as you can tell, the kiddos were especially excited to see grandma and grandpa.
it's been so great having them home and we're so excited that they get to be here for the holidays this year! cause i am here to tell you.....christmas and thanksgiving without your mom and dad ....just isn't the same.

they spoke in church this last sunday and did an amazing job. i look up to both of them for their service and their testimonies. i love them both so much and am so lucky that i get to call them my parents.

here's just a couple pics my mom took from the lunch afterwards.

these are all the missionaries from their mission that came to hear them speak, and their mission presidents, Brother and Sister Mckee.

glad to have you home ma and pa!!!

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