Monday, September 9, 2013

the little nugget and a mac

had my 12 week appointment today and here's the little picture as promised. :)
it was probably the cutest darn thing i ever did see. last time we had an ultrasound i was only 8 weeks and it looked like a gummy bear. but the second we could see our little nugget he/she was just wiggling around moving its little nubs for arms and legs. it was seriously the cutest. and you could see its little heartbeat fluttering away. it also measured a little bigger but not by i think i'm a couple days ahead of what i thought i was.

it was so surreal.
there is a human inside of me.
so crazy.

so then of course after the appointment we immediately went to target to look at baby clothes...didn't buy any...but they were all adorable.

but anywho! in other news....

we got this over the weekend:

my cousin's husband was getting a newer model and sold us their old one. which i was totally cool with. we were out of a computer so we were really excited to get it! it's been fun to mess around on and it came with photoshop! woot woot! i'll definitely be playing around on that in the near future.
i've never had a mac before so i'm excited to see what the hype is all about.

anyway! happy monday to you all. norman and i have the day off so we're going couch shopping and to see despicable me 2. :) 


  1. Morgan! I had to comment on this too because I'm so happy, this is the weirdest feeling ever but I'm so excited! Yay!

    1. haha thank elilai!! i'm so happy, too! and don't worry...i'll invite you to the baby shower....i know that was a worry of yours in the past. :)