Friday, September 27, 2013

almost 15 weeks and a rebel

i had a doctors appointment yesterday. i'm a day or so shy of 15 weeks. i got to hear my little gummy bear's heartbeat. it was so sweet! every step makes it more and more real. sometimes it feels like i just have a 24/7 flu and i'm really bloated. but then i go to a doctors appointment and get to see my baby, or get to hear its heartbeat and it makes it real again.

my tummy hasn't really grown much. norman insists that it has...but it seems to look the same to me as it did a week or two ago. i can still comfortably fit into all of my clothes. i wore a pair of jeans for the first time yesterday {i don't get dressed much these days}, they're probably my smallest pair of jeans and they fit perfectly.

i still feel sick most the time. and i won't lie...most annoying thing to me right now is how often i have to eat. literally.....every 2 hours or i'm in the toilet dry heaving. it's super inconvenient when you don't feel like eating anything....ever. growing a human is RAD!

and guys....i'm so lazy....all.the.time.
i wake up and rarely shower or get dressed unless its absolutely necessary for my day.
never put on a bra....that's ridiculous.
doing my hair is out of the question.
i do brush my teeth.....cause i don't want my teeth rotting away from throwing up and not brushing.
so i get up, get something to eat, and literally watch episodes of private practice {that's the show of choice at the moment} all day. only breaking to get up to get something to eat again....or take a nap.

that's so healthy isn't it???
i'm slowly trying to be better though.
like, i feel super accomplished if i've blogged.
or if i go on a walk {that's on my list today}.
or showered.
or made the bed.
it's so sad.

i really don't know how you pregnant momma's do it lookin like a champ. i'm workin towards it....but i'd rather cuddle up in my blanket on my new couches and watch me some addison montgomery cause some drama.

but the good news is....norman and i made a purchase the other day with some leftover grant money! {yay for cheap tuition at byui that leaves us some extra moneys.......screw you isu}

we really wanted to have a nice camera {or really just have a camera period} before our baby was born so we could take some decent pictures of it that weren't on my iphone. so after doing some research i decided to go the with Canon Rebel T3i.

i have no idea what i'm doing though.
and i hate reading through manuals.
so this weekend when we head to poky for some family stuff i'm gonna ask my picture taking sister to explain it to me.

vvv i did manage to take this picture below today! vvv

cute, right?

oh, and did i mention that my next doctors appointment i get to find out what the gender of my little gummy bear is???!!!

i'm beyond excited!
except i won't's been nice not knowing....cause i haven't felt pressure to go buy anything or get ready cause "well...i don't even know if it's a boy or girl yet"
but once i know.....then it's just straight up procrastination......

BUT October 23rd is the big day. and i do plan on having a gender reveal party....haven't COMPLETELY decided what i'm gonna do...but it'll be a good time. it's always fun to have an excuse to get everyone together.

well that's all the exciting news and complaining i have for today.


  1. ummmm, i'm dying to find out what you have, October 23 isn't that far away! also fun fact for ya... Im a day shy of 30 weeks! So i'm double you and literally double your size at least:) I hope those nausea days pass soon for you, that is torture. also, I miss you.... come to Utah soon!

    1. I can't wait for you to have your little nugget! He's gonna be so cute!! And I'm comin to Utah in a couple weeks actually.... We should meet up?

  2. You are adorable!!! :) Can't wait to hear what little gummy bear is! :)

  3. GIRL! I feel ya! If I didn't have to be up for work every day I would be a vegetable. that's a bummer that you are still feeling sick :(. I am 13 weeks tomorrow and I'm finally getting some energy and appetite back. I hope it all gets better for you from now on :). Can't wait to see some pink or blue reveals!

    1. Rach!! I heard you were preggers! So fabulous. It's that baby season again. But I seriously don't know how you go to work..... I'm impressed. Haha.