Friday, October 4, 2013

a walk and some pumpkin

so as i have previously mentioned....i have been quite lazy lately.
well, norman has about had it with my lying on the couch all day...and so have i to be honest.

so the other day he threatened me to get out and go do something. which is a little bit hard when you don't have a car, but not TOO hard because i live downtown by lots of stuff.
so a couple days ago, i got up, put some clothes on and headed out to hit the pavement. and i will tell you it was a perfect day for it. it was sunny and a little bit hot but had that nice cool breeze to make you keep your sweater on.

i walked, took some pictures, went into some antique stores, and of course stopped by great harvest. i got a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin {really the only pumpkin-y thing i love....well pumpkin chocolate chip anything...but that's it} and some hot cocoa. and i will tell you, great harvest has some good hot chocolate....topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. it was delightful.

so i took my hot chocolate, muffin, and free slice of bread they give you as a courtesy, and walked my fat butt down to the river, sat on a bench and hung out for a good hour.
it was so great.
felt so nice to be outside.
i don't know if you guys know this, but my apartment has no gets a little dungeon-y feeling. and depressing.
so the sun was great.
those geese down there at the greenbelt are FEARLESS! they saw i had food and were creepin on me the whole time. freaked me out.....{thanks for that alfred hitchcock}.
but nonetheless it was a fabulous afternoon.

so since i've been telling everyone here on this little blog about how lazy i've been, i thought i'd share that i DO sometimes go do stuff.

i'm currently almost 16 weeks pregnant. and i have a little less than 3 weeks til i found out the gender! i have gotten heartburn lately....which is not the most pleasant. i've never had heartburn before so that was an interesting surprise. i also get headaches at night. and i have some crazy dreams {anyone else been recruited for a ninja school?...i didn't think so}. so my sleeping has been interesting. i don't sleep near as well as i used to, but i guess i should get used to that. :)

so there's my little update.
on the upside....general conference is this weekend!! best weekend ever. and i was thinkin the other the time the next general conference comes around at the beginning of april, i'll have a baby!! WHAT?!? that's weird to think about.

hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. I'm so glad you got out of the house and enjoyed some sunshine. :)

  2. cute tights! love that you got some 'me time'! ;)