Thursday, October 10, 2013

Almost 17 weeks.....

so i will be 17 weeks on sunday. i feel as though time is going by rather quickly. which is nice because i am about to burst thinkin about our appointment in 2 weeks in which we find out the gender of our baby. but guess what else? i'm having a gender reveal party. not a huge one...just with our families and such but i've started planning it and it's gonna be a good time. my oh so talented bff, kirsten, is making my invitations and i can't wait to see the final result! she made my graduation announcements and they were fabulous. she's just the best. ever. {hate that you're in washington, kir}.  but my mom had a good point the other day.... what if i go to my appointment and my little stubborn child decides he/she doesn't want to show their goods? i know it's happened i'm praying it doesn't because we're having the party that NIGHT need to cooperate.

everybody has been saying that they think i'm having a boy. i still don't have any intuition about it, but everyone else seems to. i think everyone just wants me to have a boy....because of the whole all sisters/10 nieces situation we have going on. i told my cousin, mekelle, last night that everyone kept saying that i was having a boy and it was making me nervous {i don't know why haha..} and so we decided we were going to go through a bunch of those dumb wives tales and see which gender comes out on top. 
we did lots of them.
the ring on the string.
how you pick up a key.
what you crave.
do you have acne/bacne.
do you have cold feet and dry hands.
chinese AND myan calendars.

well the girl came out on top by 1. i said...we're probably having a girl :)

friends, i haven't bought one thing for our baby yet. is that bad? when did you moms start buying important stuff? like car seats and baby tubs and crap like that? i just feel like "oh..i'll get it later..." but then later is gonna be now and i'm gonna feel so overwhelmed. any advice from you parental units on when to buy things? should i wait for baby showers first? what should i do? i do plan to start buying diapers when i go grocery shopping...gotta stock up on those puppies. anyway...any advice will be welcome. :) please.

i feel about the same. it seems that i'm getting more and more energy. i don't always feel the need to just sit on the couch and watch re runs of private practice anymore. i'm having the desire to start cooking dinner again. i've actually put all of my make up on 3 times now. pretty pumped about that. i still am super nauseous most the time. and my body decided it is pissed at all breakfast foods. i throw them all up immediately after eating them. besides bagels. so whatevs.
it is getting better i think, though! yay!


  1. Don't buy anything until after your shower!! Even big things, sometimes a group of people will go in on a big item! Congrats! You look adorable!

  2. Ok I know we don't really know each other..haha but I love talking about babies so here's my advice on buying stuff. It's perfect that you're going to be pregnant over christmas because that's how I was and we got tons of stuff for christmas presents for the babe! We waited until after our baby showers to get really anything. I think stocking up on diapers is a really good idea! I was going to do that and then I got stressed about what kind I would like so I ended up not buying any. But you could just get small packages of each brand in size ones because you go through them super fast (and maybe newborn as well but we never used newborn because our baby was a giant). Honestly though-babies don't need much! And they really don't need much right away. Some super soft onesies and jammies, burp clothes and swaddles, and lots of diapers and that's about it for a while! Don't stress if you don't get everything you were planning to beforehand! You will feel like going out sooner than you think after your baby is born and it's kind of fun to buy stuff for them once they are actually here. :) Anyway there's my novel. Haha. And girl I feel you on being sick. It's a real bummer!! But it get's better and then you hardly remember it.

  3. I agree with the above! I would wait to get stuff until after the baby showers! For Raymie I buy clothing way ahead of how old she is and than just save it. For instance, right after Halloween, I go and buy her a bunch of super cute Halloween outfits for NEXT YEAR and they are always WAY cheaper (like a shirt is seriously $1). I would lean away from buying any newborn clothing...they are out of that super quick and people give you newborn clothes for your baby showers.
    Now for the Diapers. Morg...I hope you have signed up for or you are going to use. Use coupons to buy the diapers....those things ain't cheap. You can also get them off of Also...don't really buy newborn diapers, like the clothing, they grow out of them so fast. Size 2 you will use a ton and it's a safe size to buy (when in doubt buy bigger, you can always use them later) of and I recommend Pampers Swaddlers (it holds a lot more liquid...and that's all that is in there for the first 5 months. You can also stock up on wipes when they are on sale.
    Don't bother getting a baby tub....I HATE those things. The baby is so small and it's so hard because they can't hold themselves up at all in them and than the water hardly even covers them so they are cold....just get a baby sponge pad.
    Car Seats: Morgan I'm not sure if you I'll tell you anyways. Car seats have an expiration date and if they have ever been in a car crash they are to be thrown out. Just an FYI if you are going to go the used car seat route. So ask about those things if you are buying a used one. :) I went that way and I love the car seat I got. That was one thing I was not going to go cheap on because that's life and death in some situations. That's just how I feel about it and you can obviously do whatever you want.
    Hope this helped a little. DON'T GET OVERWHELMED!!! You have until April! :) I'm always open for questions! Love ya!

  4. The only thing im sure about babies and how to prepare is that I know nothing, even after having one. Every baby is SO different I can tell just by these comments haha. June was in newborn clothes and diapers for three months because she was a little, little. She wore pampers because pee fell out of huggies all the time. I hear chubby babies like huggies. We HATED the sponge bath we got and loved our mesh bath. we gave her baths in the sink and used the spray nozzle to keep water on her along with a washcloth. In all of our research with car seats, a 5 point harness is a five point harness. They are all the same, generally some just have more bells and whistles, like cup holders or more pads. In the end, you get what you pay for, I usually try to shoot for a price somewhere in the middle. Its defiantly smart to wait until your baby shower to buy things but if you see an outfit that you like don't feel like you can't buy it because you havent had your shower. In the end, ALWAYS do what you want. There is so much advise and a lot of pressure, you'll drive yourself crazy trying to be perfect or totally prepared.

  5. all you mama's are great!! thanks for the advice. i love it all! keep it comin!