Thursday, October 17, 2013

pregnancy workouts and baby kicks...

hi friends. it's me again. over here all pregnant and stuff. this picture was taken when i was a day over 17 weeks. but i have a couple questions for you momma's out guys were so helpful last i'm gonna keep 'em comin.

so....working out while pregnant. they talk a lot about it. and when i say "they" i mean my pregnancy app. it keeps talking about "what to eat after working out" or "when working out make sure to do this" and what not and i'm sittin here thinkin...hmm ....should i be working out? cause i'm totally not..working all. 

i'm starting to get my strength and energy back though so i would like to work out or do something semi-active, and since norman said getting up from the couch to get more food didn't count? {ridiculous} i thought i should venture out.

so here's my dilemma....normally when i start working out i have been doing insanity...{this was all pre-pregnancy}...or i played volleyball. well...insanity i think may be a little too intense? no? and i could go play volleyball.....but the people i play with {i say that lightly...cause i haven't actually played with them yet} play at 10 pm....and that's like way past my bedtime these days. so i'm not sure what to do. they tell you when you become pregnant not to start doing something your body isn't used to doing don't know what to do.

what did you pregnant ladies do? did you do just little stretches or yoga or what? and where did you get these exercises from? i'm not a runner...never have been so i know my body isn't used to that. just lookin for some insight here as to what i'm supposed to do to stay healthy-ish :) if you could help a sister out, that'd be excellent.

so i've finally discerned between gas vs baby moving. for a while there i thought i was feeling something going on in there....and then i remembered i had a bean burrito for lunch so....that was that. but now....i can totally feel my baby and it is so fun. it feels like a muscle my uterus. he/she gets really excited after i've eaten {takes after his father} and sometimes it's big enough that you can feel it with your hand so the other night i made norman put his hand on my tummy til baby reece decided to move. he finally felt it and it was so fun! he got this huge smile on his face and it's just so exciting experiencing this together. 

in other news...i'm headed to utah for the weekend! thank goodness! i'm so excited. my mom and i are going maternity clothes shopping...i'm slowly running out of things in my closet...mostly cause i'm bored with what i have...but, nonetheless..i get to go shopping. we're meeting up with my cousin and my aunt. it's gonna be a fantastic girls trip. haven't had one in a long while. however, norman and i have to speak in church on sunday...UGH! stressing me out cause it's thursday....and i haven't written anything....and i'm going to be gone as of tomorrow morning til late saturday night. sooooo...i should probably go work on that.  

have a good weekend!

**did i mention i find out the gender of my little one in like ..... a little less than a week?? crazy talk.


  1. You look great!! :) I hope you have an amazing weekend!

  2. I did a lot of walking and stretching/yoga with some arm and leg workouts thrown in there. I pretty much stuck to what I usually did, nothing new and nothing too strenuous. Don't put too much pressure on working out, it's your last chance to take it easy! Just aim for at least 15 minutes if something a day, that's what I did. And sometimes that 15 minutes was vacuuming the house ;)

  3. I loved prenatal yoga, especially when I started to get aches and pains. Yoga always seemed to help those aches and pains go away. I believe yoga stretches and movements prepare you for labor. I highly recommend it. I also walked and used an elliptical all the way up to Kate's birth. I just think moving in any way at all will help you feel better during your pregnancy.

  4. Well i'm glad you asked this 'cause I could use some advice too. I was so sick with June I worked my abs after I ate pretty much anything. That was about all I did. Prenatal yoga sounds amazing! I've NEVER done yoga so I maybe it would be a good time to start. I just think that my blood volume has doubled and I WAS running 3 miles almost everyday before I got pregnant but I haven't ran since so to make my heart pump double the amount of blood while running might not be the best Idea. June and I go on walks but I feel like that does nothing. Hopefully people keep responding.