Friday, October 25, 2013

gender reveal party! it's a......

we found out what the little nugget is!! most of you probably know because of facebook and instagram and such...but i'm writin the post anyway.
our appointment was for 9 am, I made it this way because I didn't want to sit around and wait all day. so we got there right on time....and I walk in and they say "did you not get my voicemail?"
I knew I had a voicemail and missed call that we had received on the way to the appointment but I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number. so I said "no" then they continued to explain that Dr. Oldroyd {my doc} had to go the hospital to deliver a baby and that it would be a while.....panic.
then they followed up with a "but nancy {the nurse} can do an ultrasound and tell you the sex, but you'll have to come back next week to do the measurements."
that's perfectly fine.
so we went in and got ready to see the little one....
well they make you drink lots of water before you come and make sure your bladder is full because it's easier to see the baby....or something....well I was DYING...thought I was going to wet my pants with every movement.
so we're watching baby and let me tell's a cute little bugger waving it's arms in the air and suckin it's fingers and rollin around.
but don't worry....15 ish minutes and there's absolutely NO sign of private parts.....
so she tells me to go empty my bladder halfway so that it had a little more room to move around. {by the way....when you're about to burst from having to pee so bad....try to only "halfway" empty your's a feat. but I did it}.
so I come back out and we tried again....nothing......the stubborn little thing just had it's legs crossed the whole time....
so she said...go ahead and try to empty your bladder all the way.
thank goodness.
so I do, come back out ...and we try again.
same thing....
i was panicking again..i told the nurse i wasn't leavin til we knew the gender...i needed to know the gender of this dang baby! not only was my curiosity killing me but, i had a PARTY that night. all our family and some friends were coming so we could reveal what it was.
well...i think it knew i was stressin, cause it finally started to cooperate. and it finally showed us the goods.
a boy.
a boy???!!!
a boy!!!
we were in shock.
i have all sisters.
norm has all sisters.
i have almost all girl cousins.
all my sisters have girls {10 total}.
we were expecting it to be a girl.
but it was a boy!!! we were so beyond thrilled. we had both really wanted a boy, but hadn't let ourselves really invest in that idea because of the girl trend in my family.
not that we wouldn't have been happy with a girl. I've always wanted a little girl. but...i just never thought i would get a boy...i honestly didn't...and now i am!!
we are so excited.
so we continued with the rest of our party planning and headed to Pocatello, where the party was being held.
it's a good thing we did it that night because norm and i had a hard time keeping the secret in and not accidentally slipping when talking to family. {we actually did slip a couple times and attempted some cover ups...they were bad}.


the party was a blast. i was so worried it would be a little anticlimactic, but it so wasn't. everyone was so excited to be there!
once everyone got there, i handed out the pumpkin rice krispies i had made earlier and explained that in the center of only 4 of them was the color of which ever gender it was. then we said to go ahead and open them up!
well...we ended up makin too many rice krispies i guess, cause we had some left over...and no one had the m&m.
i had handed them out to my little nieces, as everyone frantically is still looking, my little 2 year old niece, Quinn, walks up to my sister to hand her her rice krispy to open for her. all the sudden i hear my sister yell:
everyone began to yell and clap and cheer.
it really was a fun and exciting moment to share the news with my family.
first boy out of 10 girls.
very exciting news for our family :)
we then ate soup, rolls, and goodies til our hearts were content.
i gushed over the ultrasound pictures as i showed everyone.
it was a perfect evening.
vv passing out krispy treats vv

vv Quinn's rice krispy!! vv

vv friends and family vv

vv the grandpas! vv

vv the grandmas! vv

we're so excited to have a little boy in our family of 3! and we are so so so grateful for all the family and friends that have been so supportive and congratulatory! you are all so great and so so very kind. we love you so much and again...THANK YOU!
p.s. do you see my mom creepin?
p.p.s. i'm planning on putting the video we took up of the reveal on here but I couldn't get it to work at the moment so THAT and some sonograms will be coming soon!!



  1. I will admit that eyeball creepin is indeed a little creepy:) haha!

  2. Congrats!!! It gets so much more fun after you find out the gender! Now you can start buying stuff and thinking of names :) Yay for boys!!

  3. This is so fun! Way cute idea, by the way! I want a boy so bad (even though I am not having babes anytime soon). You will be the cutest mommy!