Thursday, November 7, 2013

convictions and compassion

my husband and i were talking the other night about this quote and some recent events that I've been meaning to blog about it for months but, then pregnancy happened and that sounded a lot more fun to blog about.
and perhaps i haven't blogged about this for so long because it's a little bit of a tough one to blog about. i don't want to ramble or get off in a tangent of specifics and i keep writing paragraphs of nonsense and deleting them because i'm not quite sure how to say what i want to say. and honestly, the quote really says it all. it's so spot on and so accurate and i guess i just wish that people in this harsh, unforgiving, intolerant world of ours would take it into consideration before tagging those who don't agree with them as hateful, fearful, unloving or without compassion. it's infuriating that if someone doesn't agree with what you're doing or disagrees with an opinion it causes so much hatred. and i'm not just talking politics, or religion, or what have you. it just seems more and more to me that..... as a wise man once said...... tolerance is often demanded, yet rarely received.
so moral of my story is how about we all just put our big girl panties on {or boy panties....respectively} and start treating each other a little more kind and with a little more love, understanding, and compassion in a world where there seems to be less and less of it.


  1. Yes! I absolutely love this post. I think we all could learn to be a little more compassionate.

  2. I've definitely felt this with others before. So annoying! That quote is perfect! And so so true!