Wednesday, November 13, 2013

21 weeks 3 days

so time is just cruisin on by, isn't it? it seems so for me. i mean guys, i'm a little over halfway cooked. HALFWAY! can you believe it? and although i did throw up all my breakfast this morning, i am feeling a lot better throughout my day and nights. second trimester has definitely been a lot kinder to me than first trimester. so i am grateful for that. and honestly, i think i'm mostly just a big baby....cause after talking to other people about their pregnancies and how often they threw up/were sick..i'm feeling pretty lucky. i just hate throwing it's a big deal....every. time. and do i text norman to tell him every time i've thrown up so he'll feel bad for me? yes...i do. and does he feel bad every time? yes... he does. he's so great like that. and maybe i'm a little needy. :)

pictured above is last week measurin at 20 weeks completed.
i can officially feel baby boy move on the regular. i started feeling him at around 16-17 weeks but it was pretty sparse. but now...oh boy....he's a roller and a puncher. when i was at my last ultrasound my doc was trying to take some measurements and when he got to measuring his femur my little one was not holdin still very long to get a good view. "he's definitely a mover" says my dear dr. oldroyd. well, i definitely feel that more and more now. when he's movin lots i make norman take a feel, it's fun to share those moments with him.

my baby bump still seems small to me. and sometimes even looks to me as though its shrinking. strangers still don't know i'm pregnant. the other day i was giving a couple a tour through some of the rooms in the Inn i work at. She was holding her new 2 month old baby made me really excited so i asked her about him then husband and i are expecting baby #1 and it's a boy :) she then looked at me and said, what? you're pregnant? and if you already know the gender you're at least 4 months along. so i told her i was about 5 months along.....she was very excited for me. said she had 4 boys and that it's the absolute best. she made me so excited to meet my little boy. however....i want to look obviously pregnant! is that so much to ask for? i probably won't be saying that when i'm a huge blimp in my 9th month, but, right now.....i want to look pregnant to strangers. whatever. 

i will tell you hair still doesn't know i'm pregnant. i still lose the same amount of hair in the shower as i normally's fine. i'm over it. i'm planning to cut it anyway. i always said i was gonna wait til i was pregnant to see if my hair would do anything grow long again....or get didn't do looks better mid-length to that's what i'm gonna do i guess. :/ sigh

but life is good! i fit into most of my jeans still. and i still have some "fat pants" from when i weighed about ten lbs more than i do right now that i fit into. i do have one pair of maternity pants i bough that are really cute that i'm excited to wear someday. :)

so there's your update! norm and i are really enjoying these last few months we have of just us two. we always say how excited we are to finally have him and meet him, but, we love it being just us two and we know life is going to change pretty drastically come march, so we're trying to savor these easy days. 

 this pic is me at 21 weeks complete. and yes....i do basically wear my hair like this every day.


  1. Looking great! Time sure is flying by.

  2. Don't worry I didn't really start looking pregnant until about 27-28 weeks. Oh and I totally feel your pain on the hair situation. I was hoping mine would magically grow and thicken up (it didn't). I have extensions though ha. Fake it til ya make it ;)

    1. I know right? I thought if these raging hormones did ANYTHING for me they could at least give me some better hair. Haha.