Saturday, November 19, 2011

Puerto Rico THUS far.....

Wednesday November 16 Norman and I left for the Thanksgiving holiday to go visit my sister and her family in PUERTO RICO!! I know...I know...not many get to spend their thanksgiving in the Caribbean.

First, Joy and Norm took us to Maddox on the way to dropping us off at the SLC airport, and it was sooo good. Maddox is always a treat.
Then they dropped us off and we had about 3 ish hours to wait for our flight.

{sitting in the SLC airport, waiting}

We were havin a good ol' time playing games like:

1: guessing who is flying first class
2: pointing people out and making up stories about where they are going and why

both VERY funny games. :)

{waiting for take off...1:00am...i hadn't flown since i was 5...i was so excited}

We got into Atlanta, Georgia at like 6:00 am their time, we were very tired, so I slept on the chairs in the airport, and Norman wrote a paper for school {he's so dedicated}

Me after waking up from my 2 hour nap, and Norman after his paper. We had about 3 hours and thirty minutes in that airport.

{about to take off from Atlanta, a little more awake}

The following are a couple pictures from out of my airplane window of some islands we flew over. Sooooo pretty!

This was my first sight of the island of PUERTO RICO!:

We were pretty tired once we got there, so we just hung out and talked and went to bed.

But the NEXT day..

We went on a catamaran called the "Spread Eagle II" Interesting name....I know.
{in front of our boat...i'm already sipping on my VIRGIN pina colada}

We then headed out to go SNORKELING at two different islands. It was
On the ride over we saw a cute little seal and we also saw some cute sea turtles! Love those. Along with some beautiful and rather large fish while snorkeling.

{right after our first snorkeling adventure}

{this was one of the reefs we were gonna go snorkeling at, but didn't because of too many jellyfish}

NOT THAT IT MATTERED......our next spot had some jellyfish too.....and i got initiated into the Caribbean:

{a little mini jellyfish got the side of my's kinda hard to see in this pic, but it was pretty small and didn't really our captain guy took care of it with some windex} :)
And not only THAT but when we were headed back to the boat, Dan {my brother in law} ran right into a huge jellyfish! smacked him right in the face...but luckily it didn't sting him, nemo was right, the tops don't sting. :)

{Norman and my dad on the boat}

Kelsey and I were so scared to go to the second snorkeling spot because it was pretty deep water and both of us are scared of the ocean. But we stuck close to everyone and also got to take a dive off the sailboat into the beautiful caribbean sea! So fun!

Not only did we get to snorkel all day but we were also fed all day and had endless drinks. {which of course was mine and Norman's favorite part....we love food}

NEXT UP! we went to a rather famous cute little island.

If any of you have seen Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (4) this is the island at the end where Captain Jack Sparrow marooned Angelica (Penelope Cruise). We celebrated seeing this island by watching the movie last night :)

This is ALSO the island that they shoot all the Corona Beer commercials on.
Cute little guy...

{me and Kelsey..and my mom creepin...on the way back from the islands}

{A HUGE iguana that we saw on the dock and had to take a picture of. We saw a TON of them on the docks n such...they were funky lookin. One looked like a tiger with a mohawk. I didn't really get a good pic of him. but this on i got real close to...thought it was gonna chase me....P.S. did you know they can swim? fast? yeah...i didn't know that either...}

We ended our night with a "girls night" as my niece, Jenna, calls it. I painted their toes and nails with some PRINCESS fingernail polish i bought them.

{Jenna on left, London on right}

There's my update....stay tuned there's more to come!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! so FUN!! Love the picture of your mama creepin. Made me laugh:)