Saturday, November 5, 2011


So Norman and I found out that his mission president, President Howell, and his wife, Sister Howell were coming up to Rexburg and had invited all the old Minnesota, Minneapolis Missionaries in the area to come have some PIZZA, visit, and then head to the Rexburg temple to go do an endowment session together.

So of course we went...
Yesterday, we left at about 3:15 and drove down with a friend of ours, Justin Poole, who served in the same mission and also grew up with both Norman and I.
We ate at around 5 ish and then had a great time eating and catching up/meeting {for me} some of Norman's mission companions and his mission president and his wife.

We then headed up to the temple to go to the session at 7:30.

I had never been to a session in the Rexburg temple before, only had done baptisms and let me just tell you that it is BEAUTIFUL. As you can see, it is EXTREMELY pretty on the outside as well. But the inside, was something else. It was one of the best, if not the best, session I've been to. SO thus, I am blogging about it. :)

We all met in the chapel before we went in and the spirit was already so strong.
During the session it was even stronger and it was so amazing to be there surrounded by all these missionaries who had at one time served together.

Afterwards, we had the opportunity to meet back in the chapel with the temple President and the Matron. They both spoke to us along with President and Sister Howell. We also got to have a little question and answer session with the temple president which was very neat. President and Sister Howell are amazing people and you can really feel the spirit when you're around them.

I wanted to blog about this, not because something super amazing had happened, but just because it was something that was so neat and so special that the spirit seemed to touch me so strongly. It reiterated my testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints is true. I know it because of special experiences like the one last night. There's no denying a feeling like that once you've had it. I love this gospel and I love that I have the opportunity to go to the temple and have them so close to us.

Here's another picture of the temple JP {Justin Poole} took that I made him send me. Pretty impressive.

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