Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Hallows Eve....

So this Halloween Norman and I did the typical Halloween things:

1: Saturday, Went to a Halloween party: ate lots of food and played games
Norman and I found out right before the party that it was a costume party...should've figured. So we had to act quickly...the most logical thing to do was, of course, dress as each other.

This is what you get:

He's a pretty impressive girl isn't he?

Our friends, however, thought of a WAAAY cooler costume and looked really cute.
Papa smurf and...the blonde...smurf.

{Paul & Kelsey Bishop}

2: Then Sunday night, We had a TRIPLE date set up with Norman and myself, Cameron and Katie {my sister and brother in law}, and Heather {Norman's sister} and Trevor {Cameron's brother}

We went to Katie and Cameron's, carved pumpkins and played catch phrase.
{girls against boys and the boys won 4 out of the 5 times...what...the....heck}

{Cameron, Trevor, and Norman cleaning out the pumpkins cause us girlies hate the guts of pumpkins}

{Heather, Katie, and Me}

{This is Norman's finished project...pretty impressive}

{mine was a freestyle....he's winking}

{here are all our pumpkins, from left to right: Cameron's, mine, Norman's, Trevor's, and Heather's}

3: Monday I had to work til 6 and from 3-5 I passed out candy to trick-or-treaters down in old town from our store.
I then met Norman at his parents house and we handed out candy, ate mac'n'cheese and corndogs, and made Halloween sugar cookies. :) I LOOOVE sugar cookies.

And then it was back to work on Tuesday and the countdown begins to the next exciting thing:

15 days!!

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  1. ha ha ha ha i laughed so hard when I saw your costumes. Just tell Norman not to let Dan see that picture of him or the gay jokes REALLY won't stop. ha ha ha! and I can't WAIT for you two to get down here...i'm soooo excited!