Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Girl Stuff....

I had quite the eventful week last week:
First of all I got to go to Idaho Falls on Thursday to see 3 of my FAVORITE roommates of all time: Lindsay Biddulph, Savannah Wallis, and Chante Mackintosh :)

(by the way...all these pictures are old cause I'm terrible at taking pictures, I need to get better if I'm gonna be successful at this bloggin thing)

{the 3 in the middle are the roommates i was with, Savannah, Chante, and Lindsay}

And one of the MAIN reasons I was coming to visit was because Linds was here from Provo and I wanted to see her new PRECIOUS little girl, Claire Mozelle Biddulph. She was SOOOO cute. And just to brag a little, Linds said that no one can make her laugh yet except Lindsay's mom....and guess who made her laugh.....yup...that's right was I. But, anyone who knows our family knows that baby girls are an old hat for us, so, I know what I'm doin when it comes to little girlies. :)

We all had a really great time together, once I got there we all met at Winger's {us roommie's favorite place} And we do what we do best....talked..talked..talked...and ate a lot of food. Then Chante and Savannah had to go back to work so Linds and I went to the mall with Claire and walked around for a bit. We then went back to Lindsay's in-laws where she was staying and hung out, talked, ate some spaghetti, and then were joined again later by Chante and Savannah and we ............talked some more. :) we definitely needed to catch up it seemed. It was a lot of fun and i absolutely LOVE those girlies.

Now onto some other good news:

For anyone who doesn't know, I have been flip flopping from major to major trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and it has been a struggle.
I have my Associates degree from BYU-I just in General Studies and have been trying to figure out what to do next.
This one major just kept coming back to me and had for a long time and I just decided to roll with it. So I applied and I got accepted to none other than ISU's Cosmetology Program! :)

I am VERY excited to begin and I will start this January :)

And.....that was the end of my exciting week :)


  1. Oh! another friend to do my hair :) YAY!

  2. LOve this! thanks for stealing that pic of me!

  3. rach: of COURSE! and Linds: i didn't have a pic of you and little eclair so i had to kife one.... :) it's fine...