Thursday, October 6, 2011


So it seems that i have a habit of conforming lately....

1st: I started cooking....
2nd: I found the need to want to be crafty (i haven't started yet, but the wanting to was bad enough)
3rd: I decided to start a blog....

All these things I have said in the past...i would never do. And here i am...conformed. :) But excited about it.

So lets get up to speed:

Norman and I have been married for five days shy of TEN months and loving it.
December 11, 2010
Then after the holidays we went to Cabo and Ensenada, Mexico on a cruise for our honeymoon.

We lived in the hood of Pocatello for about 6 months

{we lived in the basement of this side of the fourplex, good times}

We are now living up at The Grove apartments and enjoying more space. Norman is working hard toward his Bachelors in Civil Engineering and I am currently working {maybe not so hard} at Molinelli's Jewelers. And are excited for more adventures to come.....


  1. morg! you blog now! me too,lets be friends.

  2. oh my heck i want to be friends so bad! yes lets! and i love that you blog too...i just feel like there's a point in life where you graduate to blogging....and i made it there.