Sunday, September 14, 2014

summers end...

tomorrow's the day, folks. it's the day i become a loner in my apartment again as my husband is leaving me for school. i feel rather lucky, really, cause by now the whole world is back in school besides buy-idaho. they start really late. i'm not complaining. it's been such a fun 7 weeks hangin out with my husband and sweet little boy with no school interruptions. and we have been on the move, let me tell ya. ever since he got out of school back in july we have been going non-stop til just recently. it was fun, but a little exhausting and i think all three of us are ready to be back in a normal routine.

our last few shenanigans for summers end were as follows:

we made one last trip to island park with normans family over labor day. it rained most the weekend, which i secretly loved because who can resist a good rain storm. and it pooooured. so we mostly stayed inside...watched secret life of walter mitty, played russian rummy and five crowns, ate food. it was good.

on labor day evening we attended the annual eastern idaho state fair with our bestest friends and it did not disappoint. this was grant's first year, {last year he was in my tummy but it was still our little secret}. he fell asleep as we walked around...typical baby. ;) i enjoyed a delicious teriyaki bowl and my yearly fried candy bar. we also got to see lady houdini! she was a real treat. almost gave me a panic attack when she was doing her water chamber escape trick. .......i've seen the prestige....she dies.

the next day was the EAGLES CONCERT!!!! oh, was so good. norman and i are changed forever. 
we drove down to SLC, dropped my boy off at my gracious cousins house for her to babysit and we headed to the concert. it was our first real "date" without grant and it was a good one. although i was worried grant would be a pill {he refuses to take a bottle these i've mentioned}, he ended up being a perfect little angel for my cousin and her husband and i was so thrilled. it allowed me to enjoy our night without worrying! 

and again...the concert was ah-may-zing. :) it was the history of the eagles tour so they had everyone there! even one that quit years ago {except the one guy wasn't there that they got into a fight with years ago}. it was so fun watching norman soak it all in. it's his favorite band and i understand why. they were so so so good. and they played all my favorite songs! {except waiting in the weeds...i was holding out for it..but it didn't happen}. 

so even though we had nose-bleeder was still so rad. :)

my niece, jenna was then baptized that saturday back in pocatello, and the next day we made the trip back to heber for my cousins baby stella's baby blessing! both were great days and it was fun to be with family.

then two of my friends had their baby's on the same day! {september 8th} i didn't get a pic of sweet little adison lyn cause we were too busy talking! but she was the sweetest! and so tiny!! a huge congrats to Savannah and Austin Wallis for bringing that little one into the world... it was quite a rough labor but i'm so glad everything turned out ok!!

i did happen to snap a pic of my friends, Jared and Jessica's, baby Kyrie James Hendricks! and he is a dream. can't wait to snuggle him some more. luckily they live in rexburg, too so i will get to see him lots!

^^^our other friend, kelsey, holding kyrie^^^

since then i've been doing lots of volleyball coachin and norman has been doing lots of baby watchin. it's been so fun to be back in the sport i love again!!

^^^this was us at my team's tournament the other day reppin red for my friends little nephew that passed away from HLHS. #henryforever #henrysheart ^^^

now it's back to the grind! it was a fabulous summer but i'm sooooo looking forward to fall and cooler weather and holidays and sweaters and pumpkin everything! :)

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