Sunday, August 24, 2014

Seattle // 3.

our last day was mostly spent driving home, but we woke up early to stop by a few places we missed on friday and still wanted to see....

like the space needle

^^^the pic on the right is the last one out our hotel window looking at the puget sound^^^ 

^^^attempting to get the whole space needle in my pic^^^

^^^yes, i'm aware this isn't the most flattering pic of my post baby's fine though^^^

after the space needle kelsey and i wanted to make a really important stop....
if you're a true grey's anatomy know meredith grey's house in the first season is different than the one in the rest of the seasons...and that house is located in seattle...we found it. and took a pic.

^^^picture from season one of meredith leaving her house^^^

^^^my multiple random pictures of kelsey so i could see if my lighting was right, thanks for that :) ^^^

we found this view of seattle around the corner from meredith's house... it was too pretty not to stop. meredith and christina probably had their nice long chats here. ;)

our last stop before heading out for good was the seattle temple. and it didn't disappoint. as per usual.

 thanks for another fabulous trip, seattle. until next time!!

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