Sunday, August 24, 2014

Seattle // 2.

we spent the afternoon walking around pike's place, eating samples as we went. {talk about the best nectarine i've ever eaten....maybe the only one i've ever eaten...but still}. after that we stopped back at the hotel to feed grant, take a quick nap, and then headed to the seattle aquarium.

this was me pondering on the lookout at the top of the aquarium. i had taken a pic of kelsey and jared, and i wanted one, too..but norman and grant didn't come up to the top with us. so it was just me.

after that we grabbed a quick ice cream cone...and walked back to our hotel to change before the main event! the big game. by the way....seattle has some STEEEEEEP streets...and we walked at least 4 blocks straight up...while eating a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was impressive to say the least. i about died.

we had killer seats! and it was sooooo much fun to be there.

as you can tell i can pull a mean mug. {not}. and grant spent part of the game sleeping. which is impressive because if you know much about the seahawks, you know they broke the record last year for loudest stadium in the nation. and let me tell you...they definitely got that right. it was soooo loud.

norman and i repped our old school bears gear. Jared {the true bears fan of the group} wore his jersey all day and our favorite part was walking around seattle and having random people yell from all over the place "daaaaaa bears!!!!" whenever they saw him. it was pretty funny. got a lot of attention.

even though the bears lost terribly, it was still so much fun to be there. and we met so many nice people around us!! one of our favorite parts was how much everyone was loving on grant and kept checking on him to make sure he was ok. we had made friends with everyone around us on every side. it was a blast. one of the guys behind us had a real nice lens on his camera and kept taking pictures of grant. they loved that he was there and sporting a little track suit. we gave him our email and he's sending us copies of the pictures he took {i'll post those when i get them}. his friend in the family behind us is a radio host in seattle and told jared and kelsey that if we were ever in seattle again he would hook us up with tickets to a mariners or seahawks game and could stay at his house and eat some ribs. they were so kind and genuine people. we really enjoyed chatting with them.

it was a night for the books! thanks again to my sister for draggin our little family along!

the rest of our trip coming soon!

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  1. I've always thought it would be so fun to go to a Seahawks game. Glad you had fun!