Sunday, August 24, 2014

Seattle // 1.

we went to seattle!! one of my favorite city's ever. my parents and drove through it around 5 years ago and i fell in love! so i was beyond thrilled when my sister gave my husband and i early christmas presents to a seahawks/bears NFL football game in seattle!

we basically only had 1 1/2 days to see anything. we drove there on thursday {12 hour drive}, then had friday to site see and go to the game...and we finished up site seeing early friday morning and made the 12 hour drive back home. i'm splitting it up into a couple posts because there are a plethora of pictures.

we got to our hotel...and guys....norman was the one who got our hotel room. and he did a fabulous job...mostly. found a pretty cheap hotel RIGHT by everything in walking distance. the pier, pikes place, the stadium. it was great. however...The hotel seattle....was not great. say the least. it was a one queen bed room, which was fine, but....we thought the elevator was going to break every time we rode it. about 95% of the outlets in the room didn't work, the wallpaper was peeling off in multiple places, there were pipes exposed, there  were multiple nasty stains on the carpet, the comforter didn't even fit the bed, the shower curtain didn't have a liner, just had the cloth curtain, the water was either scolding hot or freezing cold, and...we were up on the 10th floor and opened a screens. hah. it was quite humorous. but we eventually got used to our little abode and ended up even being comfortable enough to walk around without shoes on!
it made us laugh hard. it was one of a couple times i was really glad that jared is a police man and carries....

we got there late and went right to bed. the next morning we started out at the pier...

it was fabulous weather. sunny with a nice ocean breeze off the puget sound. it was a great refreshing start to our trip!

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