Wednesday, August 20, 2014

GC: 5 months

my boy is 5 months old. almost half a year old. how did that happen??? i'm a little bit not ok with how big he is getting. i'm using this rug every month as a constant to see in comparison how big he gets. each time i lay him on it the rug seems smaller and smaller!! ugh...

so we're teething over here. i'm pretty sure. cause he sometimes gets a bit fussy for no reason....has a runny nose and drools and gnaws on everything. he'll grab my thumb, shove it in his mouth and chew away. i've felt his gums and i think i feel one comin on the top, but i'm not positive. we shall see soon, i'm sure. poor boy. 

he's still exclusively breast fed. i haven't started any solids, yet. we have been crazy busy with little trips and such during normans little short summer break and i haven't gotten around to doing the whole solids thing. we'll get around to it eventually. technically, my sister (the nurse practitioner one) said that the pediatrician book thing says that you should exclusively BF til 6 months so....i think i'm still ok. and he's still gaining weight and being my cute chubby boy.

his sleep situation is about the same. naps good, sleep at night is iffy. depends on the day. sometimes it's 7-10 hours...sometimes it's 5 ish. i mean....i can't complain terribly cause he goes right back to sleep after he wakes up, but still. he still won't roll over, either. poor boy. he's going to crawl before he rolls over. he pulls his knees up under his stomach sometimes. but we're trying! he's just got that big's hard, guys!! 

some things i want to remember about you at 5 months old:

you suck on your tongue when you sleep
you have THE cutest coo and talk to yourself in your carseat and crib
you love to watch your dad and i play mario kart...lots of colors
i'm thinking you finally know your name! you respond when i say it, now
you get really red eyes when you're sleepy and when you just wake up
you slam your fists down on your legs when you get excited
you have the cutest smile and when someone makes you smile you quickly turn your head away as if you don't want them to see and then quickly look back at them
you can sit up on your own for about 5-10 seconds
you are starting to be interested in what poeple are eating and try to grab their hands to put the food in your mouth
when your dad zerberts on your nose or mouth you crinkle your nose and shiver
you also occasionally give me a little pee shiver
when you're falling asleep you move your head side to side really fast
when you are tired or hungry you suck your bottom lip in and half cry half whine

pretty much everything you do we think is cute, of course. sometimes when you're crying i just hold you and stare at your face because you have the cutest cry face. and then your dad gets mad at then i feed you. you are our favorite and the best thing we ever made :) thanks for being our boy.

p.s. the random picture at the top is of him in an outfit that a family my dad baptized on his mission gave my parents when they were pregnant with my oldest sister. it was meant for a boy so my mom waited to use it til she had a boy...well...4 daughters and 10 grand daughters later....we got grant. so my parents gave it to me and it is very special to us. and he finally fits into it!! even though it's august...and it's a sweater outfit...oh well.

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