Wednesday, August 6, 2014

craving fulfilled!

remember that time i wrote this post about how badly i missed this sport?? how i craved it? how i wanted so badly to be a part of it again???.....well i got some good news!

as of tomorrow i will officially be a hillcrest knight assistant varsity volleyball coach!!! and i could NOT be more excited about it. they have a brand new coaching staff (which i heard was a good thing) and the varsity coach i can already tell really knows his stuff! he's like 6'4" or something and played volleyball down in california, so he looked the part. during our interview it didn't even feel like an interview at all. we just sat and talked about volleyball and it was so comfortable and easy. so i felt like i had it...i had the job. but then i didn't hear back for i kept pestering him about it... (i wanted it bad...) and then a few weeks ago he asked me to coach with him!! i was ecstatic. i'm feeling so lucky and so thrilled to be back in the volleyball world again. to be doing something i truly and deeply love again! it makes my heart happy. 

sooooo...a hillcrest knight it is. and what is even more fun is, my dad used to coach there and my two older sisters played high school volleyball there. just keepin it in the family, ya know.

so there ya have it!! my "big" news. according to me. :)

***also...sorry for my blurry old volleyball pic where you can only see my butt, really (i'm in the black jersey on the right). but it's all i had that was decent and hadn't been used already. 


  1. This is so great! It will be amazing! :) I coached High School Lacrosse when I was in college and it totally fulfilled my passion for the sport. You will rock it, and love it :)

    1. Thank you! I'm so excited. It starts this weekend and I couldn't be more pumped!