Sunday, July 27, 2014

a reunion...kind of?

we went to island park...again. this time for a family reunion. kind of? that's what we call it but it's more just of a yearly camping trip we do with norman's mom's side of the family. i guess i consider "family reunions" something involving long lost family members that you rarely see in a park somewhere with a BBQ and you hanging out with the same family members you see all the time. this wasn't one of those...

we fished, and ate, and chatted, and got sunburned, and read books while swinging on the porch with my boy, and slept in {kind of}, and went to the playmill theater to see beauty and the beast. 
grant did fabulously at the play...rarely made a peep and loved watching the play. he is very observant so he loved all the action and music going on. i tried to nurse him so he would go to sleep during the play but he was so interested in what was going on on stage that he wasn't having that. it was pretty cute. 

oh, also....NORMAN'S DONE WITH SCHOOL! temporarily. but this has been his first big break since starting last september. he's on the fast track at buy-idaho so he goes three semesters in a row and then in july has a 7 1/2 week break until he starts again in september. we're pretty pumped about it. so we're gonna party for 7 1/2 weeks...after we move. did i mention we're moving...again...this week? this will be our 6th move since being married. {we've been married for 3 1/2 years}. i hate moving. so much. but i kind of love it at the same time. it's just the packing part that sucks. any who...we're moving to rexburg so norman doesn't have to commute anymore. it's getting old. for both of us. 

also... i have some other news...but i'll save that for another post. because it's that exciting. :) to me. 

happy sunday!

****p.s. all photos taken in this post and the last island park post taken by the fabulous sister-in-law, brittany reece. i have taken my nice camera both times and did i take one single photo??? i steal hers. ugh...i'll get better.

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