Tuesday, July 22, 2014

taking stock 08

***he likes to look at himself in my phone...what a cutie***

Making : lists of things i need to get done by next week
Cooking : french toast 
Drinking : milk
Reading: the fault in our stars. it's a little like my sisters keeper to me...only kinda not.
Wanting: to hear back on a job
Looking: forward to tomorrow when norman will be done with school for the semester!
Playing: with family in island park this weekend!
Wasting: leftovers...cause i never eat them
Wishing: we could afford to hire movers...i hate moving. hate hate hate. double hate. loath entirely
Enjoying: the snuggles from my sick boy... (stupid immunizations)
Waiting: to pack our apartment until after our weekend in island park
Liking: that we finally found an apartment in rexburg that isn't gonna break the bank
Wondering: why we move so much. ugh.
Loving: otter pops
Hoping: grant's fever goes away soon. poor boy.
Marvelling: at how things always seem to work out
Needing: some motivation
Smelling: grant's diaper that needs changed
Wearing: basketball shorts and a t shirt on the daily
Following: our gut on this one
Noticing: how weak my muscles feel...i need to get on that
Knowing: how excited norman and i are for this 7 1/2 week break with no school!
Thinking: about all the places i need to call to change our address....
Listening: to grant talk to himself
Bookmarking: tips on making moving easier
Opening: emails
Giggling: at grant giggling :)
Feeling: tired...sick babies make for not a lot of sleep

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