Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October in a far

so....being a mom is hard....and i'm not even a mom, yet.

but my sister and her 4 children {a 6 year old, almost 4 year old, and twin 1 year olds} live with my husband and me.
my sister is currently going to school full time and working almost full time. therefore, i babysit....a lot. :)

i got home at 5 today and haven't stopped til now {it is currently 9:00 pm as i write this}:

doing dishes
starting dinner
finishing dinner
switching laundry
folding laundry
feeding babies
changing diapers
making bottles
spanking naughty children who don't mind
putting said children to bed

it's exhausting playing mom. therefore, i have not made a plethora of time for the blogging world.

so you get october in a far

in the cosmetology world:

we did a little advertizing around campus last tuesday, and i also wacked all of my sisters hairs off! so fun and she looks so cute!
in the extended family time world:
my cousin, her husband, and their sweet little boy came to visit my husband and me for a couple days during their fall break {by the way...why is it that idaho is the only one that doesn't do fall break?...hmm..} anywho....we went to idaho falls to see my grandpa and go to dinner for his birthday. we also went back to his place to play a good ol' fashion game of russian rummy. {i lost of's why i hate the game}.
then we got to skype my parents for the first time, who are in tennessee on their mission. it was fabulous. we talk on the phone and text a lot but it was nice to see their faces. :)
in the volleyball world:
our intramural co-ed volleyball team is DOMINATING! we are currently 5-0. not even mad about it. and i just finished playing on a womens competitive city league team, which we also did pretty well in. I got this shirt for being MVP! WOOT WOOT!
in the "being a good citizen of the united states" world:
i've watched all the debates.
and for tuesday nights debate, we had some friends over and made some treats. nothing like caramel popcorn and politics! {yes i just said that like "care-a-mel" the guy from enchanted says it when he's giving patrick dempsey the "caramel apple"? anyone???.....}
so that's what my life has consisted of lately. pretty busy, and stressful....and my computer is being UBER dumb and i'm having problems uploading pictures so this post took me like 3 days to write.....ugh....first world annoying.


  1. I totally say caramel like that in my head each time I read it. Even out loud sometimes ;)

    1. I knew I could count on you, rach. :) thanks for understanding.