Wednesday, October 3, 2012

i can't help myself

guys, i can't help it....i just love les miserables so much that yes, i am doing another post about the movie coming out christmas day. only on the last post i did, i just put the trailer up and said nothing more. this time...i'm going to elaborate a little.
i grew up with les miserables and phantom of the opera as a constant friend in our home. and i am forever gateful for my parents for introducing it to us so young. it made me fall in love with broadway, and especially in love with these two plays.
in fact, my cousin and i would play out scenes from phantom and les mis when playing barbies as children {with the soundtracks on tape playing in the background of course}. years to follow included us girlies gathered around the piano often singing solos from each play.
when i was just 10 ish {?} years old my parents took us to the play Les Miserables and around the same time to Phantom of the Opera, and i loved them both so much that i have never forgotten every moment as i sat in those theaters with the red velvety {is velvety a word?} seats, the soft yellow chandelier lighting, all kinds of people dressed up nicer than their usual casual wear, my sisters and i packing some binoculars with us so we could adequately see the stage as close as possible.
it was magical.
since then i have been to a few more plays {including the lion king once, and wicked three times:)} and still, les mis and phantom hold a special place in my heart.
but right now we're talking about dear les miserables, cause they already made a movie about phantom of the opera. {and i know you're saying to yourself...they have already made a movie about les miserables, too...yes...they have...but not a musical one. the liam neeson version is missing the best part of the story....which is the fabulous, heart felt, touching music}. phantom was good..and it had gerard butler....but i tell ya, not near as good as i feel les miserables is going to be. {lets be honest, hugh jackman and russell crowe? both singing? really? i'm going to die.....} but mostly because the 4-5 {10?} ish times i have watched the extended trailer below, i have teared up if not shed a tear. i don't know what it is, but it is already making me feel something and it's just a preview. in....sane. so i had to share it with you guys if you haven't already seen it. and if you have, watch it again, because, yes, it is that good. i don't care if you're a play hater, or a musical movie hater, watch the trailer. it'll change your life. {too far?....nah....i think'll definitely change your life} :)
and yes, christmas day, i will be opening presents and spending time with family.......and attending this movie :)

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