Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 weeks with no internet

is waaay too long.

sorry for my absense. our router broke and we had to wait for a new one to arrive. and it finally did! so here i am!

i've been wanting to share what i've been up to lately cause, guys, trust me, i've been havin some fun.

norman works for our local school district as a bus driver! {it is so very great} and he takes a lot of teams/groups to their events. one of these was the highland band. they had a competition in logan, utah. norman was to leave at 9:00 am and not return til 10:00 pm!! way too long without my boo :) so i decided to meet him down there.

what's great about his job is that while the teams are playing or groups are competing he can do whatever he would like. so some friends of ours {kelsey and paul} and i drove down to logan and had a fabulous day!

 started our day out at the infamous kneaders {none of us had never been} we had heard it was fabulous, and it did not disappoint. then we headed to the temple {can you get paid while attending the temple?...well..norman did} then we did a little shopping {nailed me a $9 shirt from old navy and a chambray i've been searching for} then of course for dinner we went to a&w and let me tell you it's been waaaay too long since i've had a freeze! it was sooooo good.

the day was absolutely fabulous. good food, good company, beautiful place. can't get better.

some other things that have happened:

 norm and i had the opportunity to go to a mormon tabernacle choir concert at byu-idaho with his aunt, uncle, grandma, and grandpa. it was really good. fabulous music, and of course norm and i can't take anything too serious so in part of the concert we were laughing so hard we couldn't compose ourselves. {it's a long story....one of those "had to be there" things but it was oh so funny}.

then at school we celebrated 75 years of ISU's cosmetology program. we had a nice little dinner and a program.

saturday was the homecoming parade. i was supposed to be in it, but i opted out so that i could take these 2 little squirts to it instead. it was so fun. {yes, i do look like i've been attacked by the allergy season....cause i had been. i was sneezing up a storm}.

anywho...so that is what you all have been missing from my life while i have been away. great amounts of fun! hope i never lose internet for 2+ weeks again. :/


  1. we were totally at that tabernacle choir concert! and i can take a pretty good guess at what you were laughing at :) haha we loved it! wish we would have met up with you guys!

  2. I'm a little offended, our house is about 1 block away from Kneaders!!!! Next time, you guys better invite us too! Punks...

  3. Replies
    1. Carly!! I know! However.... We Figured you guys were in Blackfoot cause it was the weekend of Gordon and Betty's farewell.... And we were right.... You were in b-town when I asked Preston. :) so don't worry, we weren't forgetting about you!

  4. Love this! First of all...KNEADERS. Umm YUM! Glad you liked it! The last time we were in Boise we saw one on like our last day and I was amazed and mad that McKay's family didn't tell me it was there! haha. We were at Costa Vida and I made McKay take me straight across the parking lot to Kneaders. Now I am demanding that we go there every time we are in Boise. Second- McKay and I can never compose ourselves at concerts either. It's something we're working on. But I TOTALLY understand.

  5. Finally! I've missed your blogging :) p.s i live like .5 seconds away from kneaders... maybe that will lure you into visiting me? maybe just maybe. Also, you are a babe.