Wednesday, September 19, 2012

just a couple things.

well i shared what happened 2 years ago on 9.12, but i wanted to share what we did this year to celebrate! :)
it wasn't anything big, but when you live with a sister and 4 little kiddos, getting out for some alone time with my boo is greatly appreciated.

due to laughing about everyhing and unfortunate placement of the sun, norman and i had some problems taking any picture that looked halfway decent. so these will have to do.
but yes, we of COURSE went to wingers. :) my favorite.
i also ventured to walmart, stood in the fishing isle for a good 20 minutes looking at all the fishing bate having no idea what to get.
i finally settled on a rapala cause he was out of them {i was gonna get him a spoon cause i lost his in the river when we went fishing last time}. luckily it was the right one! right size, right fish and everything! i was so proud. and so was he :)
in return i got this:
honestly...cutest thing ever? i think so. :)
i am always always asking norman for massages and tickles and i know he gets so annoyed at it {especially cause i always seem to want them at like 11:30 at night....that's late for us, guys}. so this is a big sacrifice for him to do 12 of each willingly.
it's a big deal.
as you see, i've already cashed in on one massage and it was fabulous! {stupid short leg makes my darn back muscles work extra hard}.
thanks normy! :)


  1. haha so cute! The last line about bonuses if the rules are adhered to kills me.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA Oh my gosh I love this. "Only in participating bedrooms." this is hilariousssss