Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the day i got engaged...

9.12.10: the day we got engaged
one of the happiest and surprising days of my life :)
and since i've never shared it on this here bloggity blog, i shall proceed to do that now.
the 3 pictures above were all taken the day we got engaged, but before the big event took place. :) my long time high school friend, brandon, had returned from his mission and was speaking in church that day and we went to attend. Little did i know as i was just enjoying my sunday morning my sweet norman was a nervous wreck hoping that all things would go as planned and i would remain in the dark about the proposal that evening.
now, you all need to know, that i was rather cocky about this whole engagement thing. i thought for sure i was going to know when he did it. for sure! for 2 main reasons:
1. when norm and i were together we did the regular jungle book conversation of "what do ya wanna do?" "i dunno, what do YOU wanna do?"..."I dunno....whatever you want to do." {it was exhausting....and it still happens} and so i just knew that once he had a legit plan and we had to be certain places at certain times that something was a proposal.
and 2. i worked at molinelli's jewelers. which is where we purchased my ring. kinda hard to sneak around computer records right?
i most definitely underestimated my dear boyfriend {at the time....that's weird calling him that}.
so i also coached jv volleyball at pocatello high school that year, and had to leave work everyday at around 3:50 to get to practice. well that's when the little bugger snuck in to figure out the details with my boss.
we had ordered a ring from a catalog and i was waiting for it to come in to see if i even liked the ring at all, or if it was just pretty cause it was blown up on a page in a big book. well...everyone was in on it...even our UPS lady who delivered to molinelli's. the ring came in rather quickly and i had no idea cause lance, my boss, told me some lie about how they had to send it back cause there was a manufacturing problem with it. so i patiently waited everyday for it to arrive.
little did i know, it had arrived, the UPS lady snuck it in, norman came in after i left and picked out a diamond, they had it mounted in the ring, and gave it to norman to propose without putting anything in the computer til he did. all the while i am completely clueless.
now let me tell you, i had my doubts. and i questioned people to death, but apparently everyone i know are good liars. {scary?...probably}
so that day we went to brandons homecoming, then norman left to go "home teach" aka: finish final preparations, and i caught up with my friend, brandon. we then went to normans parents house for his grandpa's birthday dinner. while we're there we get a call from my sister, kelsey. she said she has a wedding photo shoot coming up and wants norm and i to come out to some wheat field and practice posing for her. i told her no, cause we were at norman's house. she argued with me and made me get norman on the phone to ask him. he said yes {of course} and his mom followed up with "don't be too long, please." {all very convincing acts by everyone...i was still in the dark} i even invited his sister, brittany to come with us, she gave norm a hesistant look {asking with her eyes if it was ok for her to come} he gave her the nod of approval and she hopped in the car with us.
well we drove out to the middle of no where! a hay field that had just been harvested out by the pocatello airport. the whole way there i'm making jokes. norm and i are in our sunday attire still and i mention "hey, this is kinda what we'll be wearing in our engagement pictures.....if we ever get engaged" {we had some disagreements on when that would be....norman was trying to mislead me of course}. we drive up and kelsey is waiting for us at the top of a little hill.
we get out of the car and she positions us where she wants us. takes a couple pictures:
she then tells norman to get on one she does i say "what's he gonna do, propose?" one laughed...i was thinkin geez, tough crowd. so then she tells me to sit on his knee....and i'm also thinking kelsey, don't do this pose for someone's wedding's pretty corny. then she tells me to look in the opposite direction, so i i'm doing so, my arm that is around norman can feel his heart beating at a rather fast rate....too fast.... so i turn to look at him and say "why is your heart beating so fast?" {still have no idea}
well as i said this my sister yells at me to turn my head back! {he had the box in his hand, luckily i didn't see it and quickly turned around}.
this is me trying not to laught because in my head i'm thiking wow, kelsey is really serious about this fake photo shoot.
she tells me to look back at norman:
completely shocked! norman said something to the affect of "i love you, will you marry me?" i sat there with this face for a good 10-15 seconds not saying anything....all i could think about was is that the ring from the book? how did he get it? how did he pull this off without me knowing?
i know, probably not the most romantic thing that should be going through my head when the man of your dreams asks you to be his for forever, but then i snapped out of it, and of course said yes!!
right as i did, norman's best friend, tyeson, jumped out of kelsey's truck with a video camera and had been filming the whole thing from in there, while hiding.
the schemers: britt, kelsey, norm, tye
afterwards we went to normans parents house where both families were waiting for us with dessert and a set up so we could watch the film tyeson took of the proposal.
{oh, and just a side everyone who knew i was going to be getting engaged that day and let me sleep past my alarm so that i couldn't shower that morning and just threw myself together.....a big no thank you to you!}

i love this man with all of my heart, he is honestly my aboslute best friend. always the person i go to for everything. he is my lover. he is so sweet, genuine, caring and i got completely spoiled by being able to call him mine for eternity. i am feeling so blessed as i reflect on that sunday exactly 2 years ago today and am grateful i was sealed to this man in the temple. a complete blessing that i often feel like i don't know what i did to deserve.
i love you, babe. for forever.
happy engagement day anniversary!


  1. i am so happy that you shared this! norm did such a good job! you two are just the cutest :) love you!

  2. norm was a wheat field.;) love you too!!

  3. Morg, Lance is very good at lying! Pedro got him to lie to me too. ha ha

  4. haha so cute! You kill me sometimes. ps. I actually really like your hair in that loose bun type thing, so I think you can actually thank those people that let you sleep in! ;)

  5. Haha! I feel like I'm going to do the exact same thing when I get engaged, I've been joking about it for awhile and I know it's coming. . . . But it seems like it never will. Super cute that you got everything on camera and such!