Saturday, September 8, 2012

school is upon us in full force

....and therefore i haven't blogged in a while. i'm in school from 8-5 everyday, and i'm playing on a wash team for a local high schools' volleyball team {we scrimmage their varsity to help them get better}, and i'm playing on a city league volleyball team {whose games are at 10 o clock pm}, and i babysit my sisters kids while she has night classes/work.
needless to say, i don't find a terrible amount of time for blogging. but i shall anyway!!
this is what we have been up to:

over labor day weekend we went up for a day and half to a friends cabin and did some fishing. it was nice and relaxing. {and i may or may not have gone to the the woods...and i'm super proud of it}.
on our way home from the cabin in island park, we met up with our friends in blackfoot to go to the ever-so-white-trashy-but-oh-so-fun eastern idaho state fair!

we of course indulged in some delicious fair food {including the deep-fried candy bar pictured above}, we went to the hypnotist show {which was pretty funny this year}, held some baby pigs, and people watched {my favorite part}.
then it was back to school. felt like the longest week ever. and norm realized further that he can't see, so we went and got his eyes checked and went glasses shopping. :)
he's so cute, is he not? :)
aaaaand i finally got my hair done! {it was long overdue} and although you can't tell in the picture because of the filter on it, i went brown. still has some red, but it's definitely more brown. yay!
so there ya have it. pretty simple but oh so fun!
and let me just add something completely random that i love about my hunsband and i: whenever norm and i drive separate vehicles but are heading to the same destination, it goes without saying that we will take separate routes and race to see who wins. {he always does......i don't get it}.
anyway...this happened last night and i was sure i was going to win.....i didn't. UGH! curse you red lights that skip my turn!

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