Thursday, November 1, 2012

the rest of halloween

i thought i should share what else we have been up to over here for halloween because it's been pretty fun.
i painted my nails all "halloweenie" and we carved pumpkins with my nieces 
{the bottom one is normans :)}
now guys, i have never really been one to dress up super cool for halloween. in stresses me out most the time. my competitive side tells me to go all out, but my carelessness for halloween tells me that it really doesn't matter, throw on some srubs and be a doctor.
well ISU cosmetology does a costume competition every halloween and that word "competition" my little competitive juices flowing. but then i still just didn't want to put in the work or money into finding a cool costume.
i was telling my friend, kelsey, this and then she said "well, i have a few costumes at my place you can come try on if you want."
so i did.
and i found this gem:
yes, that is me in the middle. as the mad hatter {from tim burton's version...which lets be the only version worth watching :)}
she had the best mad hatter costume ever and our school had the face whalah!! costume made. and it was ooooooh so good.
the picture above are the 3 winners of the competition. my friend, Milli, took first place as Flo {rightfully deserved...she totally looks like flo}, i took second, and my friend, dolly, took third as a pirate.
this is me and a close friend of mine at school, Ali.
then we have my cute little nieces that live with me! we took them trick or treating.
you can't really see this picture that good, but it's all of us ready to hit the pavement. my sister was the march hare. we were quite the pair. :)
it was quite a fun halloween. i was thinkin about everything i've ever been for halloween, and i'm pretty positive....who am i kidding...i'm completely positive that this was my best costume yet. i felt a little like a celebrity, cause we stopped by a trunk or treat and i had some people literally sprint up to me to tell me how much they loved my costume.
hope everyone else had a very happy halloween!
now on to the holidays! my absolute favorite time of the year!

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  1. Hey, I like Norman's pumpkin:) And.....I thought you made a pretty good Dorothy a few years ago:)