Tuesday, November 6, 2012

election day....

stresses. me. out.
i had to take a break from the tv cause this election is causing me anxiety. :) it has been rather fun this year educating myself on some issues and watching all the debates and really feeling confident in who i am voting for. however, then it makes the results more stressful for me.
i guess that's the pay off.
i am going to be rather relieved when this is all done. i will be the first to admit i don't know loads about politics, but i watched the debates and read up on some stuff and feel pretty good about it. but it drives me absolutely crazy to listen to people who definitely don't know anything about politics try and pretend they do....i can't do it....so for that, i will be glad it's over. and because of facebook. {that needs no explanation...you all know what i'm talking about}.
anywho...the picture below is my coat.....without a sticker saying "i voted" on it...cause they didn't have any more. sad day.... but i did vote! HOORAY for doing my civic duty.
and may the odds be ever in your favor....{no?...bad joke?}

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