Thursday, November 8, 2012

blocked, bangs, {o} no particular order

so i'm not gonna be shy when i say i was rather....scratch that....extremely disappointed when obama won the election.
i want to try to keep this blog as real and honest as possible. and because it is mine, i can talk about whatever the heck i feel like....for example: the fact that i did not.....DID NOT...want obama to win the election.
as i have previously mentioned, i got rather invested in this election. i wanted to vote for someone because i believed in what they stood for, not just cause my parents were voting for them. so i educated myself. and i almost wish i hadn't. cause it made me all the more upset when obama won.
the whole time i'm thinkin, what has happened in the last 4 years that has been so great as to elect him again? am i missing something? and what drives me even more nuts is how america doesn't see that mitt romeny's skills are specifically designed to fix the main problem in our country, it's like he was made to be president for this time in i was in shock and mortified when obama won. it doesn't make sense.
however, it's just another day, and obama is still the president. nothing will change, my life goes on the way it has the last 4 years he was president. i guess only time will tell if america got it right or not. so we deal with it and try to be positive....try.... :)
so...that's my attempt....
in other news, i cut my hair....kinda...just my bangs. :)
i have been so very bored with my hair lately, and have been having the "to bang or not to bang" debate rather often in my mind {don't be gross...} and the other day i finally decided it was time. so i did it and i love it so much! it's different to get used to and i have a little story about how my niece, london, who is 3 responded to it.
it goes as follows:
{i walk in the babysitters house to pick her up}
london: morgan your hair is crazy.
me: i know it's different, huh? do you like it?
london: {shakes head slowly}
{we start to walk home...i turn around to london...}
me: hey, london, do you like my bangs?
london: ......not yet.
{we continue home and i start cooking dinner and i keep asking her if she likes my bangs and she keeps saying no and to pull them back into a bobby pin. so obnoxiously i start singing this around the kitchen}:
"i love my bangs! i love my bangs! i love my bangs!!"
{london is getting more and more annoyed by the minute and it is making me laugh hard...}
{about 20 minutes later london sheepishly says this}:
london: morgan?
me: yes, london?
london:.........i like your bangs.
it was so so so cute. and so funny. if you just knew this little girl and how spunky, fiesty, and honest she is, it would make this story so much better. :) but there you have it.
alright, and for my last piece of useless information:
i have to brag about this.
i'm on an intramural co-ed volleyball team. well we were up against a good team with 2 extremely tall african american men. {probably about 6'5" ish each?} and i am a shortie....compared to that. standing at about 5'6".
well i am happy and proud to say that not once, but twice i blocked these tall boys as they tried to hit into the vast court behind me. no sir!!! not against this raging machine that is me!!
it was great.
the end.

oh and in a bloggin friend of mines' words:
(ps: we could have a discussion about the election, or we just PLEASE don't have to. I have strong feelings about the latest election, but I respect people who exercise their right to vote, and I'm sorry if you disagree with me. But let's not hash it out in an internet war, ok? I'm so over that.)



  1. Morgan,
    I, too, educated myself about Gov. Romney, and I cam to the same conclusion about him that you did about President Obama. The Romney/Ryan ticket really troubled me when it came to women's issues. Both supporters of Romney and Obama need to realize that we don't live in a benevolent dictatorship where one person makes all the decisions that impact the country. I did read recently in a rather right leaning publication that the number of public sector jobs increased under Bush and decreased under Obama, suggesting that Obama did more to shrink government than his Republican predecessor. In my adult life, which began during the Carter administration, President Obama is the most moral and well-mannered president, although I would include the first Bush as a good example of decency, too. Reagan was horrible to teachers, and Bush was by far the worst. For my money, the second Bush will go down in history as one of the most horrible presidents we've had, maybe as bad as Jimmy Carter. Romney, like Bush, bashes teachers, and I'm elated that he lost for that reason and for the same reasons even the Salt Lake Tribune endorsed Obama: I just didn't recognize the person who saved the SLC Olympics in candidate Romney. He made a Faust deal that didn't pay off in the end.

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  4. BANGS?!?!?! When I was in beauty school that was pretty much against the "code of conduct" to use such term! I think I heard over and over, "We have fringe on our forehead ladies!!!" And fringe is what we always called it. Too funny. They are quite adorable! As far as the election, I get it!!! I know where you are coming from and if 50% of the voters had "educated themselves" before voting things would have been different. WAY different! You go girl!

    1. Jess, it totally still is "fringe"... But people don't understand the fringe talk so I thought I'd make it simple for the world.... Us cosmetologists and our terms are too confusing for others. :)

  5. Love that you're not afraid to be opinonated:) and I love your bangs... in fact i'm kind of in a bang crisis... i can't make up my mind whether I want to cut them or not, I'm FINALLY to a point where they are really long, I keep seeing people with these clip in bangs that look surprisingly good and I'm kinda thinkin I want them. Also, you are a stud.... blocking Men!!?
    miss you!

    1. Linds!! I miss you so so much. And a big thank you to all your kindness to me in your comment. And bangs are totally in right now.... Zooey dechanel (sp?) was my inspiration. I love her hair. So if you want to bang.... I say do it! :) and ps.... We need to see each other soon. :)