Friday, January 9, 2015

some goals, i guess

like i have said....2014 was such a bomb year. but new year means new experiences and new goals and crap. ;) no, but really...i am a little excited about this new year as a little fresh start for some things i want to accomplish. i saw this little New Year's Questionnaire on a blog i follow and i thought it was a fun way to think about some specific things you want to do in the new year! so here are my answers:
A bad habit I’m going to break: my innate laziness. i really am naturally lazy. and my husband is so not...and i'm pretty sure i drive him a little crazy sometimes when it comes to that. goodness, i drive myself crazy. so although i don't mind being lazy....i need to not be lazy so often. how's that?? :)
A destination I’d like to visit: Ah I want to travel the world you guys. but alas...we are poor and trying to get through school with a young where i would like to visit...and where i will actually visit are two very different things...i would like to go to new zealand....but this'd be nice to take a trip down to st. george and see one of norman's favorite mission family's that moved there. OR head down to "the bay area" (you know how they say it down there....) and visit one of my bestest friends Ali, her husband Will, and their cutie son, Nixon.
I’m going to work harder at: hmmm...i could put the lazy thing here too....but i shan't. so i am going to say i want to work harder at being a better parent. I want to read books and study and really be invested in my child and helping to form him. Parenthood is so daunting. 
A project I’d like to finish: so, guys. i got a sewing machine for christmas from my oh-so-talented mother-in-law who could sew a coat in her sleep...or something that's hard to sew. and i have to admit...i'm not even sure i know how to sew on a button. but! i am determined to learn to sew grant some cute little leggings, and i really want to tackle some leather moccasins for him! i know that's kind of a steep goal for a beginner like myself....but i feel like i can do it!
A class I’d like to take: swimming!! not for me...i know how to swim. but i am planning to do a mommy-and-me class with grant this summer and i'm really excited about it.
I’d like to spend more time doing: i really want to spend real raw time making memories and having adventures with the husband and little boy and spend less time being "connected". and on an even more serious note, getting to know my Savior a little better, developing my relationship with Him and my Heavenly Father.
A food I want to eat more of: well...really...mexican and chinese. but if we're being "goal-y" about it...probably vegetables and more healthy foods. i'm the LEAST healthy eater of all time and i really do want to change that. but not all the way....cause unhealthy foods are da bomb, tho.
I want to wear more: accessories! i never accessorize, and i feel like it really pulls an outfit together. aaaaand lipstick. i'm always so scared to wear lipstick...but i think it might be time...
Books I’d Like To Read in 2015: religious-wise...i want to tackle the doctrine and covenants this year. there's some excellent stuff in there that i really want to get in to. personal-wise...i really don't have any on my list! any ideas of fabulous books i should read this year?? it's been a long time since i felt really captivated by a book so....give me some good ones, you guys!


  1. Dude, I thought I was the only innately lazy person. Haha. So book wise, "The Book Theif" is amazing. If you are in to youth fiction, "The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel" series by Michael Scott is really fun. Plus it has some historical fiction in it that I enjoyed learning about. "Proof of Heaven" is an uplifting book about a neurosurgeon's near death experience. He is not Mormon, but it is really cool to see how his account closely relates to our beliefs of the plan of salvation.

    1. haha nope! I'm right there with ya. Although I doubt you're lazy, rach. Also! I tried reading the book thief.... Couldn't get into it... Don't know why. But thanks for the other suggestions! I'll try them out!

  2. good for you for making goals. i definitely did not do that this year.... yet. myabe i never will? idk. but i will say though, that i plan on getting fit and being better at reading my scriptures and things. oh and also, to be more social of course ;) haha

    p.s. your comment on my post made me lol. love it.

    1. haha i'm glad you enjoyed it and understand the dilemma. haha it's a hard one!

  3. I am writing my own blog post with these goals (loved yours) and had to refer back to it. But have you read the Mortal Instruments series? There are 6 books and the first one is a little hard to get going on... but once you do. They are awesome. I'm currently reading The Selection Series (there are 3 out and the 4th will be out soon) and it's a bit juvenile but I still like it too. And if you haven't read "The Alliance" by Gerald Lund then you definitely should. It's not a church book, its a dystopian type novel and it's excellent. Oh and "The Glass Castle". So interesting. Haha I just gave you a gigantic list, but once I get going on books I can't stop!

    1. i have not read any of those books suggested! so it'll give me a good list to start on!!