Tuesday, January 20, 2015

GC: 10 months

you know, it really isn't "ideal" to take pictures of you baby on their 10th birthday when they have a huge rash all over their body....but that's parenthood. pictures aren't always perfect. baby's aren't always happy. they get grumpy. they get rashes. it's life. so, although these pictures aren't going to be on a gerber ad, i still wanted to record how big he was on month 10 and throw them on this here blog of mine!

so first, i'll address the rash-y situation....

he started getting some sore looking things on his hair line and places where his helmet sits. so...since our helmet guy told us that this could happen...we chalked it up to that. until this last sunday and it spread across his cheeks and nose. so i sent a million pictures to my nurse sister and told her i didn't think it was from the helmet and wondered if i should take him in. she gave me sound advice, as per usual...and told me "you are his mom, if you feel like you need to take him in, you're probably right." so, luckily, the doctors office was open on MLK day. by monday it had spread ALLLLL down his back. it was really bad. it didn't accompany a fever or anything like that so that was good...i showed the doctor a little dry patch of skin on his chest and told him that i thought maybe he had eczema because i had it. and i was right. that's what he thought it was. he said rashes are hard to identify all the time because they could be so many things. however, because i have eczema and grant showed some other signs of that...we went with that. so he prescribed him some steroid cream to get rid of the rash and off we went! simple enough. now lets hope it works. i have only broken out in a rash like this once and it was miserable. soo itchy. like itch til you bleed kind of itchy. so i feel for my little guy. 

sorry you got mommy's skin, bud. :(

other than that! grant has been a pleasant little 10 month old! everything is pretty normal.

sleep: like i said in a previous instagram post, if you follow me there....someone asked me if i was still sleep training and i replied with "grant doesn't believe in sleep training, he gives sleep training the middle finger and does what ever the heck he wants." and....that's about how it goes around here. we've tried it all, folks. it's just not happening and we've decided to just roll with it. you won, grant. you WON OK????!!!

eating: still breastfeeding. and i didn't think i would say this this, being as in my last post i talked about how i don't plan on quitting anytime soon.....but i think i'm almost to the point where i'm kind of ready to be done.....but at the same time not. i dunno...i'm just ready to cut it down. i mean i may not be ready to be completely done. because i still do love the bedtime nursing when he's so cuddly and sleepy. in the day though, he is so distracted by everything it's just annoying to try to feed him because one second he wants to eat, the next he wants to sit up, the he wants to eat again, then sit up, etc, etc. i still will go til he's 1. i'm determined to make my goal to nurse til he's one.

other than that...still eating solids pretty normal. doesn't seem to hate anything yet. he doesn't love green beans (like his mama). and his appetite has grown! last post i mentioned he couldn't get through a jar...now he can down one in no time and even moves on to a second sometimes!

milestones: he cut another tooth a couple days ago. we're waiting for all 4 of those top ones to just break through. they are all so close! at least we got one through. he is still just army crawling, i'm not sure if he will even go on all fours. he likes to stand up and walk along couches and is cruising now. we also practice standing without holding on to anything and he does pretty good! i don't see him walking any time real soon and i'm ok with that. :) 
he can sign "more" and "please" but doesn't do it very often. i can tell he's going to be a kid that does everything on his own time and no one else's. because he will do it and i will be so excited and i'll try to get him to do it again and it's like he won't do it just because i want him to. haha. such a little turd. but a cute one.
he doesn't say a whole lot, mostly grunts. or yells. and the occasional "mama". he tries to say "dada" but hasn't figured it out. it starts as more like "baba".

some things to remember:
you are obsessed with teeth. you love brushing yours and every time someone is holding you, you take your index fingers only, and try to squeeze your way through their lips and into their mouth to touch their teeth.
you got some toys and balls for christmas and you plays fetch with yourself. you throw them across the room and then crawl to them, then throw them further. etc, etc.
you have learned to dance! it's very cute..sometimes it's just shaking your head back and forth but occasionally you'll get your shoulders moving, too.
you have learned to give me stuff i don't want you to have. i love it. i just go up to you, hold my hand out and say "can i have it?" and you give it to me...even if you don't want to. you'll hand it to me while you cry. haha. you're such a good boy.
you apparently don't love socks. you never keep them on anymore. but mostly only while you're in your carseat or your crib. or when i'm trying to change your diaper. off they come.

in two short months you will be a year old and it is breaking my little heart!! i don't want you to grow up....stay my little boy forever, k??? k. thanks. love you, g!


  1. Happy 10 months, he is such a cutie!

  2. What a cute boy! That rash looks so painful! Get better soon Grant!