Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the helmet // pt. 4

look at this boy right now....look at how happy he was at his doctors appointment today. sans helmet. 

we had a helmet appointment today. an appointment that i was very hopeful about since 6 weeks ago the "helmet guy" (i call him the "helmet guy" because he's actually not really a doctor...although in past posts i've been calling him "helmet doctor"..that is incorrect. i'm not sure what he is....he's the "helmet guy". i guess i could call him drew. since that's his name......) ...drew told us that in one or two more appointments (which are every 3 weeks) we would be done!!! well today's appointment marked the "two" of the "one or two more appointments". so we were in some high spirits to be out of this sweaty, stinky-no-matter-how-many-time-i-clean-it head contraption. plus, i have noticed lately that it doesn't really fit grant the way it used to. and drew did say that once he grew out of it...we would be done. 

so we come in....get his head measured...mind you, at his last appointment there was NO change, so that's why we kept it on another 3 weeks... and he was down to only a 3 mm difference!!! guys!!! he started at a 13 mm difference! our goal is to get to 0 but drew said that that's not always possible but we could get close. and in my opinion....3 is pretty darn close to 0....right?? wrong. 

no, just kidding. it really is close. and during our appointment drew was on the fence about whether it would be worth it to keep him in it for another 3 weeks since, like i thought, grant was starting to outgrow it. buuuuuuut to mine and grant's (i'm sure) dismay....the ultimate decision was to leave it another 3 weeks. sigh. he said that his soft spot isn't as close to being closed as he wants it to be and he's worried if we take it off now his head can shift back a bit since the plates aren't fused yet. so we left... head down...helmet on. 

buuuut it's all good. i'd rather wait another 3 weeks and make sure we get as much fixin out of it as we can! i'm just ready to be done. with teething, and eczema creams, and cleaning hair and helmets every night, i'm ready to be done with one of those things. right???? are you with me, friends?? anyway....so february 17th is the lucky day!! the lucky day we will most likely be helmet freeeeeeeeee!


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  1. how exciting! you've got a real cutie on your hands :)