Monday, February 1, 2016

35 1/2 weeks, some questions, and a story from the doctors office

35 and a half weeks!! we are on the home stretch, my friends. AND it's i wore my "love" sweater today. according to my app i have 4 weeks and 3 days left until my due date (hoping for a few days early.....make this a february baby). this seems like NOTHING! i was telling my sisters today that i'm not 100% positive i'm ready for a second child, but i AM ready to be done being pregnant. 

things are pretty normal pregnancy wise...same old same old. fit into like 3 things these days, having a hard time getting comfortable at night when i sleep (even WITH my huge pregnancy body pillow), i leave the tums by my bedside because i eat them ALL night (freakin heartburn...this child better have some HAIR), my husband has to help roll me out of bed for my nightly bathroom breaks, he also has taken the job of taking off my shoes and putting on/off my socks. thanks, cutie ;) all normal things for mid to late third trimester.

i went to utah beginning of last week and did some more baby clothes shopping! i feel a little more prepared in that area, now. still have a few more things to get. SPEAKING of things to get...i have a few questions for the moms of multiples out there....

first: the solly baby wrap. is it worth it.... do i really need a "solly"? i hear they are incomparable to other wraps. i do have an ergo baby 360 (i need to find where i put it though....). anyway...thoughts...opinions...lets hear em.

second: stroller. i have a single generic jogger stroller and if i'm being honest, i rarely use it with grant. we normally just do the umbrella stroller thing....and even then, he's to the point where he would rather push than ride, so it's more of a hassle. do i really NEEEEED a double??? i feel like i don't..... give me your thoughts on this as well.

third: just kidding...maybe i don't have a about you feel free to throw in any other "second baby" advise for me...i could use some.

within the last few weeks, however...i have gotten that burst of excitement about having a new baby. it's that time of year when EVERYONE is having babies (some of my friends are due within days of me...) and as babies start coming i'm starting to get more and more anxious to get her here. for most of my pregnancy i was all, nah....she can take her time...i'm not completely ready for a second baby.....and i'm still kind of not...but that thought has been overcome with the feeling of really wanting her here. a lot of it has to do with uncomfort with the whole pregnancy thing....but another good sized portion has to do with wanting to meet her. wanting to fill another piece of our family. it's SUCH a blessing to have children and although newborn stage is rough ..... i'm ready for it. ready for my girl.

and before i wrap up, a quick story from my doctors appointment today....

i went in for my strep B test today with grant in tow. now normally, he is an angel and just hangs out and plays with the doctors little roller chair. but today, i knew he was going to be a challenge because he hasn't felt good AT ALL (fevers for the last 2 nights....snotty nose....we are thinking maybe teething?? cause he's already caught whatever bugs have been floating around here). anyway..i knew he would be clingy. well, we got into the exam room and he had started to loosen up. doing his normal things he does while we are there. the nurse came in, weighed me and took my blood pressure, etc. i went and got undressed from the waste down (for the strep B test..) and had a sheet around my waste. i hopped up on the patients table and grant was still fine. the nurse came back in to check one more thing and we got to talking and grant was playing with the little foot holders you put your feet on when you're laying down. well, he pinched his finger to the point of breaking skin and FREAKED OUT. naturally. so the nurse grabs him to give him to me and he keeps moving around while i'm holding him, in the process kicking off my sheet that is covering up my half-nude self. the nurse goes to get him a sucker and he's got snot POURING down his nose, wiping it on my shoulder while trying to readjust himself on my lap, in the process completely pulling off the sheet that is covering me up. nurse comes in as i'm trying to fix everything and let me just tell was a hot mess there for a second. 

i finally calmed grant down and got myself decently covered, but he still wanted to sit on my lap as the doctor measured my tummy and checked the heartbeat (which grant thought was QUITE neat). he got to the point where i could put him down while the doc did the strep B test and all ended fine....but holy cow..... 

moral of the story.....i have weekly appointments from here on out and do you think i'll be bringing dear grant??? i will not be.

happy love month everybody!!!

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  1. First, no, you don't need a Solly. Yes, it is incomparable to other wraps and yes, I loved it (still do! Though Ezra is pushing the weight limit) It is fashionable and comfortable and is made of the most perfect material and those baby snuggles are heavenly, it is definitely different than an Ergo, but in terms of practical use, actually wearing the baby, an Ergo can do just as good of a job. I stopped using the Solly around 3 months because she was so big and the Ergo is much faster to put on. So my review is sorta two fold, I guess. I loved my wrap, but you don't NEED it. Second, don't get the double stroller. Especially not if you're using the single one you already have. We used our stroller quite a bit with Uriah and I still don't regret not getting a double. They are crazy expensive, for one, and I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually really needed one and in those cases we've been able to borrow one from a friend. Uriah is old enough now that he can and prefers to walk (plus, exercise!) and when E was first born, I wore her all the time anyway, still do if we're out for a longer walk that Uriah might not be able to handle (the Ergo is always in the bottom of the stroller or the back of the car) Our stroller brand makes a glider board for big kids to stand on and we were given it as a gift - it's nice, but messes with my stride quite a bit so unless you're stroller makes one that comes out the side or your stroller has an extending handle bar so Grant can stand between the handle and the stroller (not between you and the handle) it's probably not worth it. Annnnd I think that's it.